Before There Were PDA’s

I was a holdout.  I loved my daily planner and my stationary.  I never thought I would do all

my writing via email and keep my schedule on a computer.  But I do.  To be honest, I couldn’t

live — professionally at least — without Outlook and my iphone.  So although I’m highly organized,

I miss the days when embracing your type-A meant a little more beauty and a little less technology.


Southern accents nov-dec 04 - Copy 

Remember when we used to sit at our desks and correspond? 

I’m feeling so nostalgic — this is what my desk used to look like when

I was a jeune fille.  Southern Accents Nov/Dec 2004.



Smythson of bond street 

I am IN LOVE with the new Malachite Collection from Smythson of Bond Street! 

The classic stationer from London has taken a fashion-forward step and designed

a collection that looks like it just came off the Balenciaga runway.




The Hermes journal I keep at my bedside. 

It’s available in several gorgeous colors.  Mine is aubergine.




 Two graphic, modern selections from Simplesong Design.




Il papiro

I picked up this notepad at Il Papiro in Florence.  I like to keep it with me, so I can

jot down thoughts on the run — which is easy since it’s about as small as my eyeglass case.




I installed this buffet at a client’s penthouse in May and discovered the inside was lined with

hand-made paper!  It was a magical detail and an amazing surprise.





Stationary signature

What a great idea.  Send Dempsey & Carroll your signature and they will

engrave their Classic Correspondence Card with your own personal John Hancock.






 PA050010 - Copy


Paper goods (and memories) from my archives.




If I could, I would write long letters in calligraphy to friends and family.  In another life.




Nannette brown mrs john l strong pic by brad paris

The end of an era.  Mrs. John L. Strong closed its doors in May after 80 years. 

Nannette Brown said it best, “We don’t do trendy.  We do good taste.” 

A girl after my own heart.



  • Muffet

    Tricia – lovely blog! The journal from Il Papiro made me so nostalgic! When I graduated from NYU I took myself to Italy for the first time and bought a little book in Florence with the same end paper design. Loved it then and love it now.

  • Deborah

    Dempsey and caroll is the new Mrs John L Strong. They got their best sales person and plan to make the petit calendar inserts for all those of us that still have the calendars on our desks. Dempsey and caroll is available at GoreDean in Georgetown and Baltimore. Hey, it’s woman owned and Made in America, too!

  • Catherine

    Tricia – I am still fighting the trend. I still love my daily planner. Somehow it helps thinks stick in my memory to actually write them down. Not that I am not a wanna-be-techy too. Outlook is a savior!
    As for email, it is my life as well in the workplace, and it is easier to keep in touch with people. But true confessions, I still salivate over gorgeous paper products and love my pretty stationery. Love your journal and your pocketbook notepad. And I still write thank you notes by hand. And should I ever have children, I will teach them to do so too. Now it seems the only things we get in the mail are bills. My personal favorite is postcards. Is there anything quite like a friend or family member taking time on their journey to send you a postcard? They are doing something FABULOUS and special and are thinking of you. I hope postcards stay with us!
    Guess I am in between…somewhat like you. And I hope some of the old is always with us.

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