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Buried Treasure


Moving is rarely enjoyable.  Packing, unpacking, cleaning, misplacing items, schlepping things around,

cleaning again … and so on.  But if there is a silver lining, it’s discovering those things you had forgotten

about.  And since I have had personal items packed away in storage between anywhere from five to fifteen

years, it feels like Christmas all over again now that I’m tackling the dozens of boxes in my house.  It’s pretty

exciting to unwrap a nondescript package and find a vintage shagreen cigarette case I purchased twelve years

ago.  Does it get any better?  And since the renovation of my new pad could take awhile, accessorizing gives

me a little instant gratification.  I can personalize my rooms with signature touches and vignettes that showcase

the objets d’art I’ve collected over the years.  But more importantly, I turn a house into a home by infusing it

with personality and soul … something I do for all my clients, but even more meaningful now that it’s for me.










 These cut glass and silver candlesticks were a Christmas gift in 1995. 

I haven’t seen them in some time and love their patina and residual wax.











I purchased this sculpture in Munich in 2005, but had packed it away for the last

three years.  It now wears a vintage necklace and greets people in my foyer.











I think it was eight years ago that I found this chaise online.  It’s hard to remember

because I put it in storage right away.  And people say I’m not patient!










Doesn’t everyone find Fortuny when they unpack?











And a chandelier?  I know, it’s crazy.  This stunning chandelier was thrown haphazardly

in a box and tossed around a storage container for seven years.  Thank God it survived.

It now hangs in my master bedroom adding romance and charm.  It's been missed!











I have no idea when or where I purchased this pair of statues.  Seriously.

To make up for lost time I’ve appointed them as stewards of some of my jewelry.











Three purses that had been lost in a box.  They range in age from seven to fourteen years old. 

Still so chic – they look amazing just sitting atop a table in my dressing room.








Here’s hoping I find more treasures as good as the ones above! 


Tricia xo



  • Tricia

    So glad you enjoyed it Barbara. I still have one box that I have yet to unpack, so maybe I’ll find even more goodies. Draping those statues with jewelry turned out to be a real hit. I like to use things in unusual ways (e.g. I keep my paperclips in a cigarette holder on my desk), so I should do a post on just that subject. Thanks for tuning in – love your feedback!

  • Barbara@HausDesign

    I agree on the highlight of unpacking is discovering what is in the boxes! I have a ton of stuff in storage while we are livin here in Munich and it will definitely be better than Christmas when we finally get to unpack everything again! I loved your statue from Munich for obvious reasons but that chaise and the statues for jewelery made me really envious. I love the statue idea for your jewelery – a great way to infuse art and beauty into your daily routine! Beautiful, personal post…I loved it!

  • Tricia

    So glad! I wore the DVF dress last night – to what I thought was dinner and turned out to be a surprise birthday party – and received a ton o’ compliments. It was quite the hit!

  • Alcira Molina-Ali

    This is all so beautiful. Isn’t it fascinating the way a thing of beauty and quality really only improves with age?
    There is so much patina and edge here — dying over that dragon in the candlestick shot.
    Looking forward to seeing more glimpses into your home and world.
    Cheers, Alcira

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