You wouldn’t think there would be any commonality among design, fashion and a dog’s tail.  Pardon?  My beloved pup had surgery on her tail recently and her gorgeous, fluffy appendage turned into something of a pom pom.  Sad? Yes. Adorable? Absolutely.  It reminded me of how delightful pom poms are.  It’s something about a shape so perfectly simple encased in fluff.  Whether it’s a detail on shoes, trim on drapes or something more unexpected – pom poms just make me happy.

 iris apfel official instagram

The indefatigable Iris Apfel gets it.

white box lp

(L) Rebecca de Ravenel wearing her celebrated Les Bonbons earrings;  (C) a fanciful canopy by Olive Juice Interior Design;  (R) happy yellow Billy Button flowers c/o Lisa Tharp

img_5838        pom-poms_olive-juice-interior-design        img_9238

pinterest_zsazsabellagio-purse        pom pom tail dog nina huntley        img_5711

(L) Ulyanna Sergeenko’s fur “ballerina tutu” purse  from F/W 2015;  (C) Nina and her post-op tail;  (R) Camille Styles’ beautiful berry ice cream cake

white box lp

My idea of ensemble perfection!  Chloe embroidered bomber jacket, jeans and pom pom pumps.

 white box lp


Nina Seuss’ to-die-for, über fashions can be found on her eponymous blog

white box lp

(L) En Shalle pom pom bag at Pink Chicken NY;  (C) Snowball Chandelier by Helen Foot;  (R) Shop La Lune baby hat

img_3996        small-for-big_kirstiejadehall        shoplalune-etsy-baby-hat

seafoam-green        antique mirror state department tricia huntley photo        huntley & co. interior design washington dc living room

(L) Mode de Vert seafoam green Summer heels;  (C) an unexpected mirror detail at the State Department;  (R) black pom pom trim detail in a Huntley & Co. living room

white box lp

We adore the ice princess charm of this room — a wonderful mix of playfulness, restraint and drama.

white box lp


This is Glamorous via Flickr

white box lp

(L) a favorite Jeffrey Bilhuber bedroom;  (C) garnet and neutral pom pom iPhone cases;  (R) purple alliums in a Huntley & Co. den

bilhuber        pompom-iphone-case-etsy        huntley & co. interior design virginia den

jimmychoo-winter-car        phillips collection tricia huntley photo        robert-allen-trim

(L) winter glamour from Jimmy Choo;  (C) a transparent sculpture at The Phillips Collection in DC;  (R) a fuschia Robert Allen trim

white box lp

Winter is right around the corner.  That means jackets (hooray!) and the holidays (gasp!).  Time to start shopping!

white box lp


a magical winter cover up from Ralph & Russo

white box lp

(L) a wreath at chez Huntley;  (C) Mingo and Tinks garland;  (R) the perfect holiday giftwrap from Anastasia1977

holiday decor wreath tricia huntley house        mingoandtinks-garland-etsy        tumblr_anastasia1977

its-alive-jungpuppyclub        tree-pom_christmas_elsie-marley-crafts        cox-and-cox_cloud-string-lights

(L) It’s alive! Jung Puppy club cuteness;  (C) Elsie Marley DIY Christmas garland;  (R) Cox & Cox Cloud Pom String Lights

white box lp

The pom pom tail has been fun for me, but my furbaby is looking forward to having her fluffy rear back to normal …

white box lp

norwegian elkhound dog tricia huntley house

The [tail] End!

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white box lpsignature

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 I spent the day at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York on Friday.  It’s always good to see what’s new, talk with vendors and “kick the tires” so to speak.  Seeing the finish/scale/construction of products in person is integral to quality control and intelligent design.  And, of course, it’s fun.  I’ve shared ten best picks — whether it be a specific piece or an entire collection — and why each was worth a closer look.


#1  Van Cronenburg

I am passionate about hardware and this company is stellar.  Substance and exquisite detail in every piece.


van cronenburg (1)    van cronenburg (3) edit    van cronenburg (2)


#2  A Space Wall Sconce

All of the products from A Space – lighting, furniture, vases – are beautiful, but the Falling Star lamp was a show-stopper.  It will undoubtedly make a lot of “it lists”.




#3  Archetypal

In a perfect world, Archetypal’s work would be on the floors of every home in America.  A designer can dream.


paragraphIMG_5250    IMG_5249 edit


#4  Jennifer Schinzing

Jennifer’s love for the natural world inspired her to learn taxidermy.  She preserves small animals (many of them road kill casualties) and transforms them into art installations.  The thoughtfulness and beauty of each “memorial” was remarkable.  Take note world, SHE IS ONE TO WATCH.


jennifer (2)




#5  Visilek

This cabinet was perfection.  The veneers, the joints, the mechanics, the proportions were all flawless.  Filipe Rodrigues’ work is masterful.


paragraph    IMG_5331    IMG_5334


 #6  Brizio Faucet

The Brizio Solna faucet.  It’s black, it’s functional, it’s sexy … and it’s plumbing.  Gotta’ love it.




#7  Jefferson Hayman Photography

I never jumped on the gallery-style art installation bandwagon in design.  Perhaps because often times it’s just a bunch of crap thrown up on the wall (yes, I just wrote that).  But Jefferson Hayman’s installation at the AD Design Show was simply lovely.  The collection was intimate, multi-faceted and beautifully framed.  Purchasing the entire installation crossed my mind … and I think that of the gentleman in the photo (yes, I was eaves-dropping).


paragraphjeffersonhayman (1)


#8  Coral & Tusk

I’m a sucker for animal motifs, so naturally I was drawn to Coral & Tusk’s display.  But what’s lovely about these goods is that the patterns are cute without being saccharine.  The imagery is grounded by the quality and authenticity of the textiles.  Moreover, Stephanie Housley was delightful; her enthusiasm and love for her work was evident.




  #9   Joya’s F vs. S Candles

These candles may seem simple, but something about them caught my eye.  They whispered [vs. shouted] sexy and luxurious — my personal sweet spot without a doubt.  I inquired about an order at the show and pretty much want to purchase the whole collection of fragrances upon seeing the website.





#10   C&B at Dining by Design

Believe it or not, I am including Crate & Barrell in this list.  Their dining room for DIFFA included a brilliant wall “art” installation.  How many plates were broken to create this I don’t know.  But what fun and how tongue-in-cheek.  Kudos C&B.




*All photos are my own save the two that are hyperlinked.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful images with our readers.


Sharks are certainly newsworthy these days.  Shark Week is in full swing on Discovery, JAWS  just celebrated the 40th anniversary of its release, and on a less inviting note, Carcharhinus have made the Outer Banks their summer vacation destination.  Yikes!

Surprising as it may seem, I am loving every minute of it.  Despite my lifelong fear of sharks, I am obsessed with the movie Jaws.  I admit this seems a bit odd for a land lover, professional aesthete and enthusiast of all things cute and fuzzy.  First, I love a good thriller.  Second, the cast is perfection.  Third, the cinematography (Spielberg, of course) is inventive yet convincing.  And fourth, the dialog makes it one of the most quotable films of all time.  Yes, I could go on and on.  As a creative person, I believe a piece of art is worth celebrating, regardless of the medium or subject.  So without further ado, here’s to the most fascinating and freakin’ scariest fish in the sea.



Rihanna, Bruce (aka Jaws) and Harper’s Bazaar magazine.  Has their ever been a better magazine cover?!



Quint, Brody and Hooper (Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss respectively).  Arguably the best ensemble on film.




clockwise from top left:  (1) electron microphoto of sharkskin, (2) Peter Benchley’s book cover, (3) a shark tattoo, (4) Givenchy’s shark tooth bracelet and (5) Miles Teller in a sharkskin suit.



clockwise from top left:  (1) shark belly button ring, (2) Givenchy Antigona sharksin-effect bag, (3) marble Squalo Sharkfin doorstops by James Irvine and (4) a 5th century Etruscan amulet with shark’s tooth.



clockwise from top left:  (1) Sharkie Heels from TaylorSays – so crazy I almost want a pair, (2) Sharkskin paint by Benjamin Moore, (3) the incredibly sexy Chevy Mako Shark II and (4)  the perfect cupcakes for a Jaws-themed party.



clockwise from top left:  (1) Ruhlmann amboyna wood desk with sharkskin inlay, (2) Sharkfin pie – yes please, (3) SunSwimPlay grey Sharkie hat for baby and (4) sharkfin cookie molds/cutters.


Links to these and other shark-themed items as well as JAWS film stills and movie quotes can be found on the Shark!  Pinterest board.


IMG_2459 - Copy (2) - Copy

Tricia ~~~~~~~^~~


Garnet & Goats

Hmmm, January.  This can be a challenging month.  The holiday sparkle has worn off, a little too much winter lies ahead and we’re all a whiter shade of pale.  I agree it’s tough to feel motivated when it’s cold and dreary outside and happiness is Haagen-Dazs and a Snuggie on Friday night.  However, I’m a January baby and a Capricorn which means I believe from problems come opportunities and there is still reason to celebrate a month as gloomy as this.  January can actually offer inspiration.  Not in an obvious way, but beneath the surface and outside the box.  As with so many things worthwhile, in January you have to dig a little deeper and work a little harder to get to the good stuff.



January’s birthstone is like no other. The deep crimson is at once sophisticated and sultry. It has undeniable glamour, yet totally lacks pretention.


earrings etsy red-garnet-pin-b1 islamic garnet ring

 Garnet jewelry is always dramatic.

Modern earrings by Caprichosa, antique Victorian brooch, Islamic ring,



lips - Copy

 This look from Gucci is all about the lips. I have been saving this photo since fall with the intentions of replicating it for a glamorous night.


 My current garnet pedicure.



A stunning garnet velvet I used alongside pastel fabrics in a Virginia living room.

 And speaking of fabric …


 The gorgeous drape of Zac Posen on Naomi Watts at the Golden Globes. She is always red carpet perfection.



 January is the month of Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways.  As a designer and architecture buff, I photograph a lot of gates and doorways … actually more than I realized once I began combing through my files.

 munich gate   IMG_0027   IMG_2739

 dc   157414949446075309_pCCiY9eI_c[1]   italy 2

 IMG_3123   Dubuque church door - Copy   dumbarton oaks_p. philip

 – all photos from my life and travels except central image –

row 1:  Munich, Los Angeles, Hempel Hotel

row 2:  Georgetown, Melbourne residence (via est Magazine), Italy

row 3:  Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Dubuque church, Dumbarton Oaks



 Although January 19 ended Capricorn’s (i.e. the goat’s) reign, it’s never too late to have fun with die ziege.

montreux 046

 We found these darling little guys in Montreux.

paragraphTH LN_2010Sep (174)   montreux 050   IMG_4339 - Copy

       If there’s one thing most of us like to do in January, it’s eat.  And Lord knows, I love me my cheese … thank you goats!  Clearly a girl who takes photos of cheese and cheese shops (as seen here) has a thing for chevre.

8940_1345944591_3   IMG_7505   screen

Goatskin (often referred to as vellum or parchment) is a preferred material of designers and furniture makers both contemporary and past.  I gravitate to it myself and have selected several furniture pieces for projects over the years.  Like wood or marble, its beauty is innate and born from nature; it can’t be faked.

 Furnishings for DC, Switzerland and London Huntley & Co. projects respectively.



The colors of winter may seem a bit solemn, but they translate beautifully.

 white on white bedroom  Puro Hotel Mallorca

White, grey and pale works in a stark, ethereal European bedroom or in a bar/restaurant on Mallorca.

vermeil rings_mathilde denglade

Moonstone and black onyx rings by Mathilde Danglade.


bw golf swing   184155072234807101_eP9J9vUi_c[1]

The concept of black and white in art stretches beyond the medium of photography.

A painting by Picasso, a photo study of a golf swing and a neon installation by Glenn Ligon.


sled dogs

 Perhaps the only thing that could entice me to spend an afternoon in subzero temperatures – beautiful, beguiling and utterly happy sled dogs.

Happy January.  Hopefully your new year is off to a good start!

Tricia xo



January 11 marked the seven year anniversary of  Huntley & Co. Interior Design.  Amazing how time flies!  In honor of my biz’s birthday, I’m sharing seven sets of seven favorites.  I typically champion quality over quantity, but it’s nice to be surrounded by inspiration – from design to television to words of wisdom – in abundance these days.  Here’s to seven years of success, a fantastic 2013 and a life filled with beauty, humor and a healthy dose of fun.




Copy of 04 den 2  DSC_6593

KAP_9952[1]  Copy of KAP_Bath1_7894  DSCN3171

45  Copy of KAP_Huntley_Office_1



paragraphI am OBSESSED with the work of the artists below.  Need me a millionaire (or maybe billionaire) boyfriend.

261208847109325311_R5AjcnS8_c[1]   261208847109326726_lKRspWtO_c[1]

 261208847109325092_pxrgPtWU_c[1]   116178865359228152_CyprMwXN_c[1]

261208847109325129_2rIpGPCG_c[1]   261208847109326779_MUitV3jv_c[1]   261208847109325141_EjNQ0P8m_c[1]




A spectacular collection of architecture is featured in February’s issue of AD. 

Four of the structures are included below along with three photos from my own travels.


 279152876874433572_TRyggq3w_c[1]   51228514482041887_68FhiQrR_c[1]  


Perot Museum_Dallas  –  Harpa Concert Hall_Reykjavik


95983035779220301_t3dQh1cG_c[1]   198369558556979166_fU6Ayr78_c[1]


The Shard_London  –  Gardens by the Bay_Singapore


NYC   Lausanne   Sienna


New York Public Library_NYC  –  Rolex Learning Center_Lausanne, Switzerland  –  steps of Siena




Life, Keith Richards

A surprisingly poignant memoir from the ultimate rock star.


Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

The best plot twist since The Sixth Sense.


  Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides

A story spanning 3 generations of Greek-Americans and featuring a young, hermaphroditic protagonist named Calliope. 

 An epic, unorthodox Pulitzer Prize winner.


Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton

For the open-minded, curious individual who seeks to understand all sides of an argument.

  The Black Spider, Jeremias Gotthelf

A 19th century novella about a small German town infested with spiders after one of the villagers makes a pact with the devil.

 A good old-fashioned religious allegory written to inspire fear.


The World of Muriel Brandolini

I had to include one design book.Brandolini’s work is completely original and worth a study.


Blood, Bones & Butter, Gabrielle Hamilton

This was just recommended to me. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it, so to speak.




I’m not one of those people who claims she never watches TV.

With provocative storylines, million dollar sets and brilliant characters, you’re missing out if you’re not tuning in.


Downton Abbey

Delicious and addictive whether you’re an aesthete or not.


paragraphdowntown abbey 


Top Chef

The tenth season is as mouth-watering as ever and has been featuring some serious girl power.


Mad Men

Like any dashing, egocentric, womanizing man worth his salt, Don Draper still has us hooked.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Characters so wrong, you can’t help but champion their insanity.



For those of us who felt robbed when Deadwood ended.




Walking Dead

A smart, well-crafted show about zombies. Who would have thunk it?



A serial killer show starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. I’m sold. Premieres January 21.






“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.”


“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.”

– Gore Vidal


 “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

– Estee Lauder


“The best love is the one that makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself.”


“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

– Ann Landers


  “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

– Bill Cosby


“Don’t try to explain yourself to stupid people. You’re not the Jackass Whisperer.”




My other baby is seven too!


1 02-01-06   2 P6050003


3 PB020052    4 P2240015    5 IMG_1024


IMG_4844    7 IMG_3166



Tricia xo

[Re]defining Beauty

I made a long overdue trip to the nail salon this weekend for a mani/pedi. And while scanning the assortment of possible nail colors from which to choose, I stumbled upon a stunning shade of peacock blue. It’s one of my favorite colors in general – rich, complex, almost regal – so the thought of it on my fingertips was titillating. Sure enough, I love it. Not only do I think the shade of blue is absolutely stunning, but in a strange way, I think it complements my skin tone. It’s funny then that some of the conservative loved ones in my life don’t share my enthusiasm. Don’t they see what I see? What’s not to like? Some people think pretty is synonymous with conventional. But I think some of the prettiest things are those that are actually unconventional. I’m not talking about anything bizarre or distasteful. I mean looking beyond labels and stereotypes and thinking about what makes something beautiful … the confidence with which a man carries himself, the complex ideas behind an abstract painting, the texture of an unusual plant. Of course, what’s stunning will always catch our eye, but sometimes beauty and substance wear an unexpected guise.


My peacock blue manicure.

toulouse-lautrec-henri-de-woman-pulling-up-her-stocking-1894 toulouse-lautrec 1

A study for “Woman Pulling Up Her Stocking” and “Salon in the Rue Des Moulins”.

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec found inspiration in bars and brothels. Unseemly venues perhaps, but the artist found warmth and vivid color in these unlikely spectacles.

felicity brown_kimberley faria

Felicity Brown’s 2010 collection was inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec’s work.


Tilda Swinton is a chameleon on and off-screen. She can look ethereal, severe or aristocratic.

dighomedesign david harber_sculpture elegant-lighter-lamp_nabuzz

Some people don’t like modern art or furniture. It’s hard to understand with gorgeous, sculptural shapes likes these.

dalia kloss

Who needs gold or diamonds? Dahlia Kloss’ necklace is a showstopper without precious metals or stones.

Rosy-Boa-copy-600x600 Malayan-Coral-Snake-copy-600x600

Although two of the world’s deadliest snakes, the Rosy Boa and Malayan Coral Snake are also two of the most beautiful.

john hawkes imdb rolling-stones_soniceditions adrian brody_emrecan us

John Hawkes, Mick Jagger & Adrian Brody.

The talent and swagger of these men makes their unconventional looks incredibly sexy.

Chez Huntley – update 08/05

 A great deal of progress has been made here in the past couple of weeks.  The millwork

installation – new casing, baseboards and bookshelves – is complete.  The painting has

been corrected and looks lovely.  Lighting fixtures have been installed in the foyer/living

room along with simple, modern light switches and receptacles throughout the main floor.

I’ve even styled my bookshelves and purchased a new painting for the dining room and a

pair of cast greyhounds for the front entry.  And as excited as I am to move on to the next

layer of furnishings and accessories, nothing is quite as important to good design as getting

“the envelope” right.  I use this term A LOT in my work.  Cleaning up the architecture of a

space and adding (or removing as the case may be) details is the key to a grounded and

balanced interior.  And there is something really beautiful about a well-executed space

that feels good even without any decor.  But of course, I’m an interior designer, so decor

is essential too.  Once I add the furniture, softgoods and artwork, the space will really sing.


– Projects –

 Copy of IMG_7139


I purchased this pair of deer sconces about 4 years ago and finally had the opportunity to

use them.  I … ahem, I mean we (I got a lot of help from Molly, H&C employee extraordinaire)

painted them white, so they have a more contemporary vibe appropriate for the house.


A major accomplishment for me: my very first lighting installation!

I was so proud.  I called my boyfriend, my parents and sent emails to friends everywhere.

– Millwork –

living room

The new bookcases in my living room.  Cheap yet chic!

I kept the lines simple and wrapped the baseboard around the front for a clean, modern look.  You’ll see

that I was anxious to style the shelves with my books and accessories – I didn’t even wait to put away my tools. 

Above the shelves are the freshly painted deer sconces with extra long candle sleeves and taupe silk shades.

– New Purchases –


This abstract oil painting circa 1960 has incredible color that almost glows.


I found the painting above and this pair of greyhounds at Comer & Co. in Georgetown. 

A fantastic new shop with exquisite things and wonderful service.

And speaking of dogs … I’m happy to say that Nina is feeling much better this week.

The little stinker kept pulling off her cone, so she was forced to rock this t-shirt instead.

My poor pup was quite the fashion victim last week.


Tricia xo

Puppy Love


Some of you will understand this and some of you won’t.  But I am totally and completely in love with my dog.  Nina, my Norwegian Elkhound, is the love of my life.  This truth can be attributed to two things: (1) my never-ending affection and sensitivity for animals and (2) the fact that I don’t have children.  Nina is my kid … my canine kid.  I spend more time with her than any other living creature on the planet, her personality is as complex as any human’s and when she’s hurt, my heart breaks.  And since she had a medical procedure at the vet today that left her drugged, in pain and wearing one of those shameful cones, I thought it time that I dedicate a blog to her.  All other posts can wait. 

 I love you Nina!


– Nina Feeling Poorly –


My poor, doped-up baby wearing the bonnet of shame.

– Nina the Pup –


 baby nina

Sooooo cute!

– Nina at Work –



Helping select fabric samples at Huntley & Co.

– Nina at Play –



In the grass


… and in the snow.

– Nina at Rest –



At the foot of my desk snuggling with her bear and bone.


On the bed … and under it.


In her “superman” pose cooling her belly at the A/C vent.

– Nina & Her Momma –



In good times and in bad.

1 001


To the dog days of summer and all our beloved animal companions.

Tricia & Nina xoxo