For Huntley & Co., the first and foremost concern in design development is the “envelope”.  TH can’t talk about it enough!  Getting the envelope right – spacial relationships, interior architecture, materials and finishes – means a thoughtful, comfortable home that needs less stuff to look good


Reconfiguring an interior is a process – it requires a lot of drawings and plenty of site meetings.  It’s important to be as technical and thorough as possible while understanding there will likely be a few surprises and adjustments along the way.  

drawing set Huntley autocad

construction site Huntley & Co.    dc interior designer huntley     construction site Huntley design

Top photo:  One of the pages in the H&Co. drawing set.  Bottom L to R:  Meeting with the contractor; a study of the circulation in a tight area; drywall in progress.


Millwork is one of the most impactful aspects of an interior.  When it’s done well, it can make the house.  When it’s done cheaply, it’s like bad teeth – it doesn’t matter how pretty the face is.  With this project, our main focus was to reconcile the incongruous architectural details throughout the home and create a more finessed envelope.  This included doors, crown, paneling and custom mantels as shown below.  

white box lp

millwork details tricia huntley design

custom mantle dwg tricia huntley     custom mantle tricia huntley

The mantels were designed to complement adjacent millwork for a quieter, more elegant presentation.


Material selection – wood, stone, tile, metal finishes – sets the tone for the home’s atmosphere and lays the groundwork for decorative elements.  When selecting a material, we keep everything else in mind.  In a bathroom for instance:  Are the windows facing north?  What type of glass do the vintage sconces have?  How white is the tub?  These details are part of the “conversation” and influence what marble slab I approve and tile colors I select.

     huntley & co. marble slabs  huntley & co. finishes  wood finish huntley & co. library

tricia huntley behind the sceneswhite box lp

Top L to R:  Slab for a fireplace surround; master bath materials, final wood selection for the library.

Bottom:  The tile layout for the master bath was a hands-on (and ugh, thighs and knees) process that took several hours.  Click photo for a video of the legendary H&Co. attention to detail.

* * *

We hope you’ll join us next week when we’ll share more about the process of specifying furnishings and softgoods!  Or take another look at our Concept: West End post to see how this project began. 

xo Huntley & Co.


The Edgemoor sunroom has been installed!  Installation days are such a highlight for interior designers.  They represent the culmination of months of hard work, careful planning and patience.  Considering this project started in the summer of 2015, we were thrilled to see the room finally come to life.  So it is with great delight that we report that the room is even more beautiful than we expected.  We always have an idea of how an interior will look, but we can’t necessarily anticipate how it will feel.  Being in a space where the architecture, the decor and the surroundings truly sing makes all the trials and tribulations of the previous months disappear.  We’re thrilled and our clients are thrilled.  Santa couldn’t have brought us a better present for the holidays.  Enjoy!

white box lp

|| Pre-Install Site Review ||

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We scoped out the site the day before to ensure that there were no surprises on install day.  Thanks to the contractor, all of the construction debris had been removed and the floors and glass were clean.  This is a small, but important detail when delivering a room full of fresh, new [and valuable] furnishings.  And with a blank slate before us, we were finally able to appreciate all of the beautiful architectural lines and the gracious volume of space.

Huntley & Co. site visit - installation preview

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|| Design is [not] glamorous ||

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Installations requires a mix of muscle, troubleshooting and finesse.  Pillows get fluffed, furniture placement tweaked, and motorized curtains programmed and dressed.  One of the trickier exercises of the day was hanging the porcelain Fenella Elms artwork.  Both delicate and heavy — and weighing in at well over 100 lbs — it took four men and two very nerve-wracking attempts to hang it on the wall.  Needless to say, we all gave a cheer and a generous sigh of relief once it was in place.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor installation in progress

Fenella Elms artwork in Huntley & Co. project

white box lp

|| A Beautiful Finish ||

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Just as we were finishing the installation, the sun came out and cast an ethereal light into the room giving it a magical sparkle.  The shadows danced off the porcelain artwork, the plaster walls, and the mother of pearl inlay on the pedestal table top.  Simultaneously, the light saturated the drapery with warmth and illuminated the dramatic skylight overhead.  Enveloped by so much natural beauty, it’s easy to envision spending hours in this space lounging, reading, socializing or napping.


white box lp

|| Taking Care ||

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Our work here is done!  Well, almost.  Installations require guidance regarding the care and maintenance of the space.  We strive to ensure our client’s satisfaction by giving them the tools they need to enjoy their homes for years to come.  Our care packages vary depending on the scope of a project and specific needs of the client.  However, they generally include care and maintenance instructions, mechanical specifications and a paint+finish schedule.  In this particular case, we also included a separate artwork care package.  The art we installed is fragile and valuable, so we provided our clients with handling instructions along with extra porcelain pieces.  And of course, we packaged it beautifully in a Huntley & Co. box with ribbon – something befitting the showstopper art piece itself.

Huntley & Co. installation care package

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We hope you enjoyed following our Edgemoor series.  In case you missed anything, check out each phase here, here, here and here.  We will be signing off for the next few weeks to enjoy some R&R.  We will post again in 2017 with new installations, discoveries and our behind-the-scenes adventures.  Until then, Huntley & Co. — and our mascot Nina — wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

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Nina - Huntley & Co. mascot

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The Edgemoor sunroom has required patience, perseverance and plenty of blood, sweat and tears (and bones, but I’ll get to that later).  After nearly a year of design and planning, construction finally began in early spring.  Starting work was both a relief and a thrill. 

With a schedule as protracted as this one, there are plenty of progress photos to share. 

white box lp

From start to finish there hasn’t been a dull moment!

white box lp


white box lp

Breaking Ground

Construction crews arrived at the end of February to dig, set drainage lines and pour the slab for the sunroom.  The most dramatic transformations start with a lot of dirt!

huntley & co. breaking ground for edgemoor sunroom project

white box lp

Movin’ on Up!

Once July arrived, the building finally started to take shape.  Remember that patience we mentioned?  This phase of the project is all about oversight and troubleshooting as needed.  We made several site visits and met everyone from the tile installer to the drapery fabricator to review drawings and inspect details.  It may seem unusual to discuss softgoods in a room without drywall, but spotting architectural modifications early allows us, and our workrooms, to modify plans accordingly.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor sunroom construction progress

white box lp

Finishing Touches

As you can see in the pictures below, work continued into the Fall.  Still, we were happy to have a room with walls, trim, windows and doors — not to mention a massive, one-of-a-kind skylight overhead.  With the space enclosed, we were ready for paint and decorative finishes.  We enlisted Julia from Monkton Studios (below) to dress the room in a beautiful knockback plaster, adding warmth and subtle dimension to the envelope.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor Sunroom renovation

white box lp

Interior design is often associated with drama.  True, but we usually try to avoid it if we

can.  Unfortunately, at one of the many site visits, Lindsey fell into an open floor vent

(ahem, a hidden open floor vent that is).  Thanks to a broken fibula and fifth metatarsal,

the Edgemoor project is officially going out with a CRASH-BOOM-BANG! 

Edgemoor Huntley & Co.

(L) the offending floor vent sans cover; (C) post site visit x-ray; (R) masterful use of the Rollator Walker

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… Installation day is TODAY.

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Developing a thorough drawing set is critical to the success of all Huntley & Co. projects.  It’s the technical backbone of the design, ensuring precision and accuracy.   The Edgemoor sunroom features two expansive nano walls, a seamlessly integrated reflecting pool and a dramatic skylight.   With fenestrations composing 90% of the room, it was important to consider the furniture and its arrangement carefully.  We worked through an endless stream of floorplans to maximize circulation, engage the views and allow for both conversation and lounging.  And we selected pieces that spoke to a luxurious “camp” style (think Out of Africa or Lawrence of Arabia).  An abundance of comfort promises a room that is open, yet absolutely intimate.

white box lp

The Floorplan

It always starts with the floorplan; a birds-eye view provides a wealth of knowledge.  Drawing everything (walls, windows, doors, floor vents, etc.) to the exact measurement is critical.  Because an inch can be the difference between a flawless installation and a costly mistake.  white box lp

Huntley & Co. edgemoor sunroom floorplan

As shown in the floorplan above, pulling the furniture into the center of the room creates circulation space.

white box lp

— The Study of Furniture & Lighting 

Each and every piece that goes into our projects is vetted for size and scale.  We collaborate with our vendors to verify, and sometimes adjust, dimensions down to the 1/16″ — ensuring the best possible function and fit.

Huntley & Co. edgemoor furniture drawings

Drawings above include the custom console and sofas, pedestal table and the Huntley sconce from Urban Electric Co.

white box lp

— The Perspective Drawing 

Perspectives are exciting because they allow us to “pull a design up” and study the relationship between architecture and décor.  The Edgemoor sunroom is visually complex – from the dramatic skylight to all those windows – so it was important to implement décor that would complement, not compete with the envelope.  A neutral palette, low slung furnishings and layers of softness add the right amount of quiet.

edgemoor-sunroom_rendering_Huntley & Co.Our perspective drawing illustrates how open the sunroom becomes when the nano doors are retracted.  The layered rugs and sheer drapery panels at the perimeter help create intimacy.

white box lpwhite box lp

 A room like this is, without a doubt, a design challenge.  Generating meticulous drawings allowed us to tackle the project in an informed, confident manner.  With that, seeing our drawings “go vertical” during the construction process is when the real fun begins.  Well, typically.  Our next post will include on-site progress photos replete with a little unexpected drama.  Stay tuned!  

xo, Huntley & Co.

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Our Edgemoor clients are long-time residents of Bethesda, a neighborhood of beautiful homes, large backyards, and gracious sidewalks.  A variety of architectural vernaculars decorate each tree-lined street thereby giving us license to explore a pastiche of design styles.  We devoted countless hours and many team meetings to perfecting the architectural and decorative intentions of their sunroom in order to craft a space with the perfect blend of traditional and modern styling.  It was especially relevant for us to carefully study how the new sunroom would meet and interact with the landscape, establishing a strong indoor/outdoor feel.

white box lp


white box lp

Huntley & Co. Interior Design Edgemoor renovation

The sunroom addition is quite modern and acts as a counterpoint to the traditional envelope of the house.   Because of the room’s strong geometry and metalwork, it was key that our interior selections complement and soften the space.

white box lp


white box lp

 Huntley & Co. Interior Design Washington DC

Textured linens, verdigrised metal, hand-molded porcelain and mother-of-pearl inlay are layered into the space.   Plaster walls, cerused oak, and embroidered trims also add to the tactile, warm design.

white box lp

This project has seen seasons come and go and reminds us that projects, especially of this caliber, take time.  Dozens of hands, ours included, have touched this space.  From architects and builders, landscape designers and decorative finishers, to a variety of workrooms and the clients themselves — the phrase “it takes a village” has become especially relevant.  We look forward to sharing more with you next week as we get one step closer to the big reveal!

xo, Huntley & Co.

* * *

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November is filled with anticipation as the holidays quickly approach and designers clamour to wrap up design projects.  At Huntley & Co., we have labored long and hard for one Bethesda client in particular and are eager to put the finishing touches on their remarkable sunroom renovation.  Our goal was to create a sculptural, textural space that elegantly captures the spirit of indoor/outdoor living.  We will be featuring work product and site photos for this sunroom-cum-lounge in the next several posts.  And we’ll reveal the installation around Thanksgiving, so just a little more patience!  To give you an idea of the inspiration behind our design, we’ve shared the Edgemoor Sunroom concept board below.  Wrap yourself up in the luxe imagery and escape.

Huntley & Co. edgemoor sunroom design concept

white box lpxo, Huntley & Co.

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Sourcing goods and materials for our interior fuels our creativity, but drawings take the design to the next level.  After all, a room is only as good as it is functional — we aren’t aiming for beauty just for beauty’s sake.  Working out our ideas in AutoCAD ensures that we are on target with scale, proportion and spatial relationships.  A well-trained designer can evaluate whether a piece will work in a room or not simply by looking at it.  Still, transferring its dimensions to paper (or the computer as in our case) ensures down-to-the-1/8” accuracy.  Huntley & Co. is a business built on mindfulness and our drawings are the technical backbone of our work. 

white box lp

design quote steve jobs



The Floorplan___________________________

We start with a floor plan, which guides the flow and circulation of a space.  With our clients’ penchant for entertaining, it was important to think outside the traditional box and get creative with furniture placement.  Our ‘star’ is the four sided bench that beautifully anchors the room.  Varied seating arrangements offer opportunities for independent conversations and debate for our clients’ guests who come from a wide range of cultures, professions and political views.  The room is meant to be as warm, interesting and thoughtful as the clients are.

design rendering huntley & co.


dc design house 2016 floor plan huntley & co.

white box lp

The Elevations___________________________

Elevations reveal how a room’s architecture, furnishings and art will work together.  A space won’t look or feel good if there are too many masses, it’s too ‘leggy’, everything is at the same level or the values are off-balance.  Deep-diving the millwork, fenestrations and other details gives us the platform we need to make good decisions.  Not to mention that “pulling the design up” and seeing it come to life happens to be pretty exciting ; )


dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

white box lp

The Presentation Board____________________

The presentation board is our opportunity to showcase the tactility of a room.  Ambience is affected by the ratio of soft vs. coarse, understated vs. luminous and natural vs. refined materials and textures.  We wanted this space to feel glamorous, but totally approachable with an air of intelligent wit.  With that in mind we combined fibers like linen, seagrass and rushing with velvet and damask.  Then we took it a step further by incorporating lacquered leather, eelskin and electric-colored cowhide.  This is a luxurious space where you can kick up your feet and have fun!


white box lp

The Response___________________________

And because these are the dreamiest of clients, they love everything and will TAKE IT ALLOrders are placed and construction begins.  This next phase is about site visits, management, coordination, follow-up and a lot of patience.  But we’re getting our hands dirty and seeing our workrooms do their magic — so we love it!   

happy design client

white box lp


 Tune in next week for a fun Q&A and the FINAL REVEAL!  We will be sharing more insights about our process and the why’s and how’s of a successful design project. 

design installation Huntley & Co.

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Like the early stages of a romance, the onset of a new design project brings lots of excitement, energy and anticipation.  Now that we’ve “gotten to know” our Faux Clients better and have defined a visual narrative for their space, we are ready to start deep-diving the design.  It’s time to measure the room, pull our materials and find our gorgeous furnishings — let’s show this showhouse what we’re made of!

white box lp

Prep Work______________________________

Preparation and foresight are the secret weapons behind a good design.  We always arrive well-prepped for site visits and measures.  Camera? Check.  Tape measure? Check.  Comfortable shoes? Definitely check. 

dc design house 2016   huntley & co. interior design dc designer   dc design house 2016


architecture, decor and art in interior design

white box lp

Scouting for Furnishings____________________

Scouting for hidden treasure is one of design’s greatest thrills.  Fortunately, we are blessed to have access to a rich variety of vendors and shops from which to source our goods.  We let serendipity play a part in our work, so it’s usually one or two really special discoveries that drives our designs.  This part of the process is not about “shopping”; it’s about having an informed concept, an open mind and a great eye.  Our goal at Huntley & Co. is always to curate an interior that is both timeless and forward-thinking — to evoke an emotional response that inspires and nourishes the spirit of the client.  

design development decor dc design house

white box lp

img_6792white box lp

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Pulling Together the Scheme_________________

Besides hunting for furnishings during this phase, we pour through our office library for fabrics and finishes.  We strive to use materials that enhance a home’s architecture and complement the lifestyle of our clients.  A thoughtfully selected mix of light and dark, textural and refined, beautiful and odd are what make a room interesting and livable.  

designer fabrics and room scheme huntley & co. interior design   fabrics and finishes huntley & co. interior design

 white box lp


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Next week we’ll bring you Part III of our Show-house/Faux-client series where we’ll dive into the technical aspects (drawings!) of the project.  Subscribe to our newsletter or find us on Bloglovin’ to stay tuned.