Sharks are certainly newsworthy these days.  Shark Week is in full swing on Discovery, JAWS  just celebrated the 40th anniversary of its release, and on a less inviting note, Carcharhinus have made the Outer Banks their summer vacation destination.  Yikes!

Surprising as it may seem, I am loving every minute of it.  Despite my lifelong fear of sharks, I am obsessed with the movie Jaws.  I admit this seems a bit odd for a land lover, professional aesthete and enthusiast of all things cute and fuzzy.  First, I love a good thriller.  Second, the cast is perfection.  Third, the cinematography (Spielberg, of course) is inventive yet convincing.  And fourth, the dialog makes it one of the most quotable films of all time.  Yes, I could go on and on.  As a creative person, I believe a piece of art is worth celebrating, regardless of the medium or subject.  So without further ado, here’s to the most fascinating and freakin’ scariest fish in the sea.



Rihanna, Bruce (aka Jaws) and Harper’s Bazaar magazine.  Has their ever been a better magazine cover?!



Quint, Brody and Hooper (Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss respectively).  Arguably the best ensemble on film.




clockwise from top left:  (1) electron microphoto of sharkskin, (2) Peter Benchley’s book cover, (3) a shark tattoo, (4) Givenchy’s shark tooth bracelet and (5) Miles Teller in a sharkskin suit.



clockwise from top left:  (1) shark belly button ring, (2) Givenchy Antigona sharksin-effect bag, (3) marble Squalo Sharkfin doorstops by James Irvine and (4) a 5th century Etruscan amulet with shark’s tooth.



clockwise from top left:  (1) Sharkie Heels from TaylorSays – so crazy I almost want a pair, (2) Sharkskin paint by Benjamin Moore, (3) the incredibly sexy Chevy Mako Shark II and (4)  the perfect cupcakes for a Jaws-themed party.



clockwise from top left:  (1) Ruhlmann amboyna wood desk with sharkskin inlay, (2) Sharkfin pie – yes please, (3) SunSwimPlay grey Sharkie hat for baby and (4) sharkfin cookie molds/cutters.


Links to these and other shark-themed items as well as JAWS film stills and movie quotes can be found on the Shark!  Pinterest board.


IMG_2459 - Copy (2) - Copy

Tricia ~~~~~~~^~~



January 11 marked the seven year anniversary of  Huntley & Co. Interior Design.  Amazing how time flies!  In honor of my biz’s birthday, I’m sharing seven sets of seven favorites.  I typically champion quality over quantity, but it’s nice to be surrounded by inspiration – from design to television to words of wisdom – in abundance these days.  Here’s to seven years of success, a fantastic 2013 and a life filled with beauty, humor and a healthy dose of fun.




Copy of 04 den 2  DSC_6593

KAP_9952[1]  Copy of KAP_Bath1_7894  DSCN3171

45  Copy of KAP_Huntley_Office_1



paragraphI am OBSESSED with the work of the artists below.  Need me a millionaire (or maybe billionaire) boyfriend.

261208847109325311_R5AjcnS8_c[1]   261208847109326726_lKRspWtO_c[1]

 261208847109325092_pxrgPtWU_c[1]   116178865359228152_CyprMwXN_c[1]

261208847109325129_2rIpGPCG_c[1]   261208847109326779_MUitV3jv_c[1]   261208847109325141_EjNQ0P8m_c[1]




A spectacular collection of architecture is featured in February’s issue of AD. 

Four of the structures are included below along with three photos from my own travels.


 279152876874433572_TRyggq3w_c[1]   51228514482041887_68FhiQrR_c[1]  


Perot Museum_Dallas  –  Harpa Concert Hall_Reykjavik


95983035779220301_t3dQh1cG_c[1]   198369558556979166_fU6Ayr78_c[1]


The Shard_London  –  Gardens by the Bay_Singapore


NYC   Lausanne   Sienna


New York Public Library_NYC  –  Rolex Learning Center_Lausanne, Switzerland  –  steps of Siena




Life, Keith Richards

A surprisingly poignant memoir from the ultimate rock star.


Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

The best plot twist since The Sixth Sense.


  Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides

A story spanning 3 generations of Greek-Americans and featuring a young, hermaphroditic protagonist named Calliope. 

 An epic, unorthodox Pulitzer Prize winner.


Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton

For the open-minded, curious individual who seeks to understand all sides of an argument.

  The Black Spider, Jeremias Gotthelf

A 19th century novella about a small German town infested with spiders after one of the villagers makes a pact with the devil.

 A good old-fashioned religious allegory written to inspire fear.


The World of Muriel Brandolini

I had to include one design book.Brandolini’s work is completely original and worth a study.


Blood, Bones & Butter, Gabrielle Hamilton

This was just recommended to me. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it, so to speak.




I’m not one of those people who claims she never watches TV.

With provocative storylines, million dollar sets and brilliant characters, you’re missing out if you’re not tuning in.


Downton Abbey

Delicious and addictive whether you’re an aesthete or not.


paragraphdowntown abbey 


Top Chef

The tenth season is as mouth-watering as ever and has been featuring some serious girl power.


Mad Men

Like any dashing, egocentric, womanizing man worth his salt, Don Draper still has us hooked.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Characters so wrong, you can’t help but champion their insanity.



For those of us who felt robbed when Deadwood ended.




Walking Dead

A smart, well-crafted show about zombies. Who would have thunk it?



A serial killer show starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. I’m sold. Premieres January 21.






“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.”


“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.”

– Gore Vidal


 “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

– Estee Lauder


“The best love is the one that makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself.”


“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

– Ann Landers


  “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

– Bill Cosby


“Don’t try to explain yourself to stupid people. You’re not the Jackass Whisperer.”




My other baby is seven too!


1 02-01-06   2 P6050003


3 PB020052    4 P2240015    5 IMG_1024


IMG_4844    7 IMG_3166



Tricia xo

Quips and Quotes


This week I stumbled upon several meaningful quotes while thumbing through newspapers

and magazines.  It was like finding water in the desert.  I dedicate so much time to visual

consumption that I have neglected one of my first passions … the written word,  I love a well-

crafted phrase.  The right combination of words can be truly magical – evoking sentiment, laughter,

insight or inspiration.  I may produce a blog about “all things design” – that I admit is 85% photos

but I do consider the words as important as the images.  Hopefully I engage my readers with each

opening paragraph by delivering a thoughtful, humorous and/or compelling statement that reaches

them as much as the subsequent eye candy.  I guess I’ll find out when I review the stats for this

post since it’s heavy on prose and light on pics.  With that in mind, I should probably cease typing

my amateur novella and bring you the words of those much wiser, wittier and emboldened than I. 



  letter-writing_springfield NJ library









Career / Success



“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin



“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes of your goals.”

– Henry Ford



“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

– Jim Rohn



“Nothing bothers me more than people who suck up and scream down.”

– Katie Couric



“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill















“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.

– Jim Carrey



“Guilt, the gift that keeps on giving.”

– Erma Bombeck



“Great ideas often start on cocktail napkins.  Especially when you consider a large vodka martini a great idea.”

– Advertisement for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas ; )















“If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I.

– Michel de Montaigne



“Love does not dominate; it cultivates.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



“Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.”

– H,L. Mencken 



“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

– Lao Tzu














Life & Wisdom


“Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.”

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge



“Be polite to all, but intimate with few.”

– Thomas Jefferson



“Wise men make more opportunities than they find,”

– Francis Bacon



“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.”

– Lucille Ball













Writing That Inspires 


My taste in writing is about as random as my taste in movies, music and art.  If there is a

common thread among the writers below, I don’t know what it is.  They’re just all so good!







Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre was the first book I read that made me sob aloud uncontrollably.


Edgar Allan Poe

I love a good fright and Poe knows how to build suspense and fear like no one else.


David Sedaris

Quite possibly the funniest !@%$#% person alive.  Just looking at the bookcover above makes me laugh. 


Malcolm Gladwell

I have devoured his first three books – The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers – so What The Dog Saw is a must read.









And since we're on the subject of writing …

Thank you to the following blogs for their recent accolades and mentions.


A Thoughtful Eye


Bijou and Boheme c/o Breakfast at Toast,


and Providence Ltd. Design


Stylish blogger 


for the "Stylish Blogger Award".




Thrilled to be recognized by such talents!  Tricia xo


Tidy House Tidy Mind


Some people dread the due diligence of home ownership, but for me, organizing and caring for

 one’s home is one of life’s simple joys.  That’s not to say I don’t suffer from a messy garage like

everyone else, but given limitless time and resources, I would trick out my garage until it looked like

 a feature in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  Honestly, I think being organized is a lifeline to sanity.

Sometimes, in fact, when my life gets too chaotic and I feel like I’m losing control, I find one small

 project – like organizing the kitchen junk drawer – and suddenly life feels much more manageable

It seems I’ve been tackling a lot of small projects lately.  Upon the completed renovation of the new

Huntley & Co. office space, we were besieged by three floods in 6 weeks.  Furniture was damaged,

walls warped and the carpet had to be ripped out and replaced on all three occasions.  2011 has

certainly been a bit stressful thus far.  The silver lining?  I have the most organized design studio in

the city.  Every container and every drawer is labeled.  The office supplies are sorted, the tools are

sorted, the light bulbs and cables are sorted.  We even created thumbnail “cheat sheets” for the

boxes containing our accessories.  Aaahhh.  Type A?  Definitely.  A little neurotic?  Probably. 

I may have gone a little “Martha”  in the past few months, but it’s better than going postal!









The aforementioned – and now organized – kitchen junk drawer.





bathroom drawers

What woman doesn’t want her beauty supplies in order?  My new house came

equipped with a long vanity and lots of drawers in my master bath – a rarity for

many residences in Georgetown.  I delighted in sorting and organizing my products

after years of stashing them away in closets and in baskets under the sink.






 The Huntley & Co. library is much more pared down these days because we

do so much work on the internet, but there is still a lot to keep organized.  Elfa

shelving, storage boxes, magazine caddies and plenty of hooks make it possible.






The “handyman” storage area in my office complete with tool belt, drill, toolboxes, light bulbs and cords.






Love me my toolbox.






We can’t keep everything in our toolbox, nor do we need to.  This

2-tier drawer caddy sorts all the miscellany in our designer bag of tricks.











This 8-drawer Bisley cabinet is great for sorting small and/or thin items

that can get lost on a shelf – labels, stamps, file folders, photo sleeves, etc.











The label maker.  Whether you love or hate this machine will tell you a lot about

what kind of person you are.  Perhaps a good litmus test for potential hires?








IMG_4785 - Copy IMG_4819


For my own office, it’s important that things are organized, but I also need the

space to be bright and cheery with personal touches that have meaning for me.









IMG_4808 - Copy


And perhaps the biggest challenge of all – my desk.  I like to have things visible and at

my fingertips, but my desktop can become cluttered quickly.  I rely on a vertical file divider,

small dishes and bowls for small items, and the all-important tray to contain the chaos. 







While in my sort-file-purge mode, I’ve clipped several articles and made note of other ways I can keep 

the “Martha-train” going and fine tune it even more.  Check out the resources below for helpful tips. 




article, The Washington Post




article, The Washington Post




daily deal, Living Social

I just purchased a 2-hour professional organizing session for my boyfriend

as a gift.  Check out Rachel’s website to see what services she offers.






I own these two books and love to flip through them for clever ideas.  Both

offer stylized solutions for a simplified, beautified home/office/garage, etc.



a place for everything realsimpleorganizingbook_thrifted072910


Good luck and happy organizing!

 Tricia xo

Stocking Stuffers a la Georgetown


I am fortunate enough to live in Georgetown – an urban village in DC with cobblestone streets, historic

 architecture, charming restaurants and fabulous shopping – the perfect setting for Christmas.  So

as things quiet down, I'm going to grab a latté, enjoy my city, and pick up stocking stuffers from my

favorite vendors.  Below are nine items you may want to pick up for yourself.  But buyers beware,

some of these items are one of a kind and I may have already beaten you to the punch.  ; )



stuffers 2


1.  J. CREW 

3222 M Street NW

leather driving gloves



3319 Cady’s Alley NW 

brooch by Reiko Ishiyama



1659 Wisconsin Avenue NW

vintage boxes



1607 Foxhall Road NW 

gift certificate for manicure …

or the polish itself – “Wicked” by Essie



3276 M Street NW

collection of sea salts


6.  SAXBY’S 

3500 O Street NW

Mistletoe coffee beans



3059 M Street NW

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish


8.  OLIVER DUNN (aka Moss/Catherine Roberts)

1657 Wisconsin Avenue NW

owl Christmas ornaments



3241 P Street NW 

vintage books on travel, art and history




Happy holidays to my fellow Georgetowners and Luxe & Lucid readers worldwide!


Tricia xo





I’ve received several requests from readers (colleagues, friends, etc.) for an

update on chez Huntley.  I wish I could say things were further along, however, I am

happy to report the purchase of a few fabulous items that I’m dying to put in place.

All were great deals, but more importantly, they all have a Tricia-esque sensibility

and suit the house beautifully.  If I survive the renovations (God willing), I may just

have one rock star pad to blog about.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!








tricia's house 


A general inspiration board for the public spaces.









2010Sep_PA 085


 My first purchase for the house.  I stumbled upon this pair of

Platner chairs at a flea market in Pennsylvania in September.









brutalist chandelier


A vintage Brutalist chandelier for the dining room (or guest room or ???). 










I actually purchased this Louis XVI-style lit de repose years ago, but

always had it in storage.  It’s finally found a home in my living room.









paul evans table 


What a find.  This Paul Evans style coffee table is sick!









brass chairs 


These chairs will be gorgeous once I reupholster them.

I’m planning to use them as conference chairs in the H&C studio.










Simple, tailored and comfortable – my criteria for all sofas – whether traditional or modern.











 I have scoured the floorcovering world for a funky, graphic, asymmetrical stair runner.

Apparently they don’t exist.  At least not in available materials and colors that will

stand up to the paws of my canine kid.  This is my best find so far.  I’ll buy five or so,

cut them to fit the stair, seam them together and bind in a contrasting tape.  Voila!









spider chandelier 


The ceilings in the new H&C studio are über low, but I still want a decorative

fixture at the entrance for impact.  This unusual “chandelier” is just the piece.











 Another hidden gem I unearthed from the POD.  This little Lucite martini

table was a gift from my former boss, Paul Sherrill, from Solis Betancourt. *











 Not exactly a critical element to the interior, but a great find nonetheless.

I visited the workshop of Katherine Hackl while in Princeton over Thanksgiving and

purchased several pieces of pottery.  This bowl is in a different vein than her typical

work and reminds me of MirόIt’s sitting on my dining room table and looks amazing.




Hopefully I’ll have more images to share over the next few months

… and won’t have lost my mind along the way.



Tricia xo












My beloved former bosses at Solis Betancourt have just published their first book, Essential Elegance.

It’s filled with their stunning work and should be on everyone’s Christmas list.  Paul and José are

doing several book signings, including one this Thursday evening 12/9 at Bulthaup in Georgetown.

Head down to Cady’s Alley to get a signed copy and to meet these two brilliant, charming men.




Purple Reign

It's over.

I'm not a guy, I'm not a jock and I haven't lived in Minnesota for twenty years.

But I do have three brothers and a father who are die-hard Vikings fans.  So despite 

the fact that I'm a fashion-loving, bauble-wearing, design-obsessed girlie-girl, I was

truly crushed by Sunday's loss.  In honor of my home team and those who love them,

Luxe & Lucid is featuring all things purple this week.  Who knew football could be so inspiring? 







rothko red orange tan and purple 1954

The power of purple brought to life by artist Mark Rothko.




emma watson teen vogue 1

Emma Watson in Teen Vogue – darling.  And check out her ride!





Saipua, a florist in Brooklyn, has the lushest, most incredible arrangements I have ever seen.




ysl fragrance

I’ve been on a bit of a fragrance kick lately.  YSL’s Parisienne has notes of blackberry, rose and sandalwood.







Kelly Wearstler’s new book HUE (I have a signed copy!) and photos of her home office.






purple eyes gucci

I loved Gucci’s 2009 spring/summer ad campaign.

Only girls this gorgeous could rock intense violet eye shadow.





I became fascinated by the work of Josef Albers as a fine arts major in college.

The German artist was a color theorist whose “Homage to the Square”

series illustrated the relationship and interaction of adjacent colors.







kimberly klosterman amethyst cufflinks

Incredible!  A pair of amethyst cufflinks from Kimberly Klosterman.






solis betancourt

Two rooms by Solis Betancourtmy mentors and professional heroes – both featured in Southern Accents.





anya hindmarch purple patent buddy clutch

 This aubergine clutch from Anya Hindmarch is insanely chic.







 Louboutin’s signature red heel gives this ladylike lilac pump a little va va voom.






aerin lauder dinrm elle decor

 Aerin Lauder’s dining room in Elle Decor showcases the sexy sophistication of purple.





plum sykes met gala

Speaking of glamorous, successful, New York women.

Plum Sykes wearing, well, plum … and violet, raspberry, etc.





lindsay lilacs

A vignette of lilacs, reds and creams in the Virginia living room of a Huntley & Co. client.








jones purple ottoman

And an ottoman upholstered in an orchid-hued moiré in another client’s Pennsylvania Avenue pad.




reese-witherspoon nina ricci

One of Reese Witherspoon’s best red carpet moments.

Her deep purple ombré Nina Ricci gown was a stunner.




colin in purple ascot

And because I'm always looking for an excuse to Google Colin Firth …

Only a man as handsome as this Oscar-contender could rock a lavender ascot and look dashing.





– Professional Huntley & Co. photos by Kevin Allen Photography

THE LUXE LIST – Holiday Hostess Gifts

It’s that time of year when friends and family invite us into their homes to celebrate

the season.  And if your mother “taught you right”, you don’t show up empty-handed. 

So what to buy that special host or hostess?  Your gift doesn't have to be expensive,

but it should be thoughtful, attractive, and well, something the person might actually want. 

So to ease your mind and your wallet, Luxe & Lucid has hand-picked ten hip, holiday

hostess gifts below.  You’re sure to be a hit, so enjoy yourself and party on!






dana schutz bookestate gardens book


Coffee table books are a no-brainer.  Both beautiful and meaningful.

Rizzoli publishes some of the best.




match candle snuffer


The household item no one knows they need, but no one should live without – the candle snuffer. 

When not in use, this one from Match is like table art.





kw for sferra thistle napkins


I personally believe you can never have too many table linens.

Who wouldn’t want a set of Sferra’s linen napkins designed by Kelly Wearstler?










gold lunares napkin rings - set of 4 vivre


Which leads me to my next obsession … napkin rings.

The latest designs are like jewelry and are sure to delight a glamorous hostess.








williams sonoma home cashmere blanket


A cashmere blanket is the perfect cold-weather gift, especially if you’re an overnight guest.

I love the gorgeous hues above from Williams-Sonoma Home.








fold-up leather slippes


These fold-up leather slippers are stylish, useful and on sale for less than $35!






mrs. john l strong calendar on lucite base



Some of us spend more time at our desks than anywhere else, even our homes.

Why not give that stylish man you know a desktop calendar that will brighten up his desk and his day?








french cheese plate



Is it just me or is cheese beautiful?  I love the colors, the smells, the packaging.

A selection of French cheeses from Dean & Deluca for the foodie in your group.










claus porto soap


I’m a big fan of Claus Porto liquid soap and have it at home and in my office.

I mean seriously, could this soap get any better looking?









seda france fleur d'abricotier 


Everyone, and I do mean everyone, loves candles.

Seda France's lovely little pagoda boxes make them the perfect pre-packaged gift!






Tricia xo


Tip deLuxe


It's a common pitfall.  You want a blue (or green or yellow or red) room and you think the answer is paint.

  But alas, a room is not built on paint alone.  A room with one color is like a song with one note – flat. 

It takes layers of colors, textures, fabrics and finishes to really make a room "sing".  The dining room

below from Bunny Williams is a beautiful example.  The star of this room is a dramatic cerulean blue, but

it's the supporting shades of green, yellow, gold and cream that make it pop.  Moreover, the designer

chose checked slipcovers, a large 18th century framed wallpaper panel and a collection of Chinese

porcelain to bring this shade of blue to life.  So take Bunny's cue and diversify your hue!



Bunny-williams-blue check dining room 

 photo courtesy of Ms. Williams' book "Point of View".