This reveal has been a long time coming.  Not because it was only just installed, but because Luxe & Lucid was tied up in a parallel universe after we moved the Huntley & Co. website to another platform.  The technical side of small business is the gift that keeps on giving.  So we thank you for your patience, and without further ado, we reveal our West End project installation!

* * *

Making it Move-In Ready


Obviously before our clients can move in, we have to install carpet, light fixtures, wallcovering and window treatments.  Then, with our backdrop complete, our team is ready to bring in the furniture and accessories.

workroom installs

(top L to R)  Living room chandelier install; Master bedroom carpeting in progress; Wallpaper in the third floor den; Installation of master bedroom roman shades.

furniture delivery

(bottom L to R)  The crew unloading the truck; Opening artwork; Vintage Italian barcart.

huntley & co install

(L to R)  Setting the stage with flowers and accessories; Paper template for a tricky mirror install; Preparing a vintage music montage for the dining room.

Welcome Home! 


Alas, our vision for a classic interior full of cosmopolitan flair has come to life.  This is, hands down, our favorite part of the process! 

west end dining room

huntley & co interiors

west end details

(top to bottom)  A custom dining table paired with vintage chairs; Mixed materials in the entryway; A bespoke vanity in a teeny tiny powder room; Unexpected lighting in the kitchen; Dining room details; A chic Italian sofa with lyrical curves anchors the living room.

master bathroom retreat

west end restful rooms

(top to bottom)  Master bath wrapped in handmade tiles and featuring vintage lighting; An engaging mix of pattern and texture in the third floor den; Bespoke linens in the master bedroom – how luxe!

And That’s a Wrap


A big thank you to our wonderful West End collaborators.  We hate to say goodbye, but we’re off to design more beautiful spaces …

huntley & co pup

Tricia gives the resident pup, Barney, a tour of his new home.

To see the gorgeous professional photos of the West End project, visit the Huntley & Co. portfolio.  Or take it one step further and help us win a Luxe RED award by voting for this project!  Voting closes January 25.

xo huntleycodesign


Bespoke, turn-key interiors are a signature of Huntley & Co.  First, the architectural envelope and materials are perfected.  Next, we turn our process to furnishings and softgoods that complement the space and the client and are unique to the project.  Lots of love and labor goes into the design, drawing and specification of these goods.


          // Living Room channel-back chairs

                We custom designed a pair of channel back lounge chairs to maximize flow, circulation and style.  Visits to the workroom gave us the opportunity to make adjustments to the design, layout fabric and to monitor progress.

workroom process

L to R:  Leg finish selections; our chair frame gets mocked up in muslin; laying out the large scale fabric.

          // Living Room armoire

               We source a lot of antique and vintage furnishings for our projects.  Sometimes, however, these pieces need modifications to “fit”.  This armoire was the perfect scale for the open concept living area and provided much needed storage, but modification to the finish and interior were necessary.  New hardware and shirred curtains turned this beauty into functional storage.

huntley & co furnishings process

L to R: Removing the old finish; specifying all the new details; installation in progress.

  // Master Bedroom canopy bed

                Each project has its share of logistical challenges – and we love a good challenge because it inspires us to get extra creative.  Our process never leaves things to guesswork.  When we discovered that the bed, as originally designed, could not be brought up the stairs or through the windows, we had to go back to the drawing board (literally) to custom design a version that would fit.

custom furnishings process

L to R: Verifying stairwell and doorway dimensions; studio drawing of the custom pieces and parts; Ironware‘s workshop with assembly pre-shipment.


  // Master Bedroom roman shades & softgoods

                Tailored, functional, bespoke.  We designed the window treatments and pillows to complement the quietly sophisticated scheme in the master bedroom.  Troubleshooting tricky corners and sourcing one-of-a-kind details makes all the difference.

huntley & co softgoods

Top: Detailed site measures and schematic review; finished product!  Bottom: A pillow workorder; a treasure chest of trim; a well-styled bed.

Stay tuned — Next week we’ll bring this project full circle and share our install with you!  And in case you missed the other West End posts, check them out here and here.

xo, Huntley & Co.

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show-house // faux-client :: the reveal!

We know you and our fabulous faux clients have been waiting for our big reveal.  The design process is nothing, if not, an exercise in patience.  From concept to installation, interior design requires vision, tenacity and know-how.  It’s a labor of love, but labor nonetheless.  So when the time finally comes to present our clients with their dream home, our excitement is hard to contain.  This particular dream home is ‘faux show’, but the thrill of the reveal remains the same … So without further ado!

white box lp


Huntley & Co. Interior Design rendering dc design house 2016

veronica heilbrunner and justin o'shea valentino SS2015

[ Our clients seem pleased ]

white box lp

*  *  *

white box lp


Our Huntley & Co. clients and room may have been crafted from imagination,

but they do speak to the real methodology and design vernacular of our firm’s work. 

 Here, principal Tricia Huntley, opens up about her influences, the importance

of breaking the rules and the best song to get a party started.

white box lp

1. What are some of the things that influence you, aside from furniture and décor?

Museums, music, fashion, history, parks/nature, architecture, poetry … those things that are thoughtful, provocative, moving.  I like to start with a feeling or mood before I pivot to the tangible aspect of things.

2. What qualities of a room do you most admire?

Substantial hardware and appropriate, expertly executed millwork.  I would rather live in an empty house with those two qualities than a shoddy new-build with the best furniture.

3. Design rule you love to break?

Symmetry.  I was classically trained so I believe in building a space according to the rules of symmetry.  But I also believe that breaking that symmetry in clever, nuanced ways is what brings a room to life.

4. You know these clients will be having many a fete, what’s a good hostess gift?

I love to give sophisticated, unusual candles and fragrances.  Aedes de Venustas, Joya and Santa Maria Novella all offer intriguing scents in stunning vessels.  And of course, good booze and wine never go out of style.  Add a beautiful ribbon with a handwritten tag and you’re done.

5. Rapid Fire!


*  *  *

white box lp

It’s been fun, but we need to dash!  Our clients told us to get out so they can enjoy their new home ; )

justin y veronika vogue spain

white box lp

If you want another glimpse at the process, simply click on posts Part I, Part II and/or Part III.  And special thanks to our “faux clients” Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner.  They are the coolest couple on the planet and dream clients fo sho!


Like the early stages of a romance, the onset of a new design project brings lots of excitement, energy and anticipation.  Now that we’ve “gotten to know” our Faux Clients better and have defined a visual narrative for their space, we are ready to start deep-diving the design.  It’s time to measure the room, pull our materials and find our gorgeous furnishings — let’s show this showhouse what we’re made of!

white box lp

Prep Work______________________________

Preparation and foresight are the secret weapons behind a good design.  We always arrive well-prepped for site visits and measures.  Camera? Check.  Tape measure? Check.  Comfortable shoes? Definitely check. 

dc design house 2016   huntley & co. interior design dc designer   dc design house 2016


architecture, decor and art in interior design

white box lp

Scouting for Furnishings____________________

Scouting for hidden treasure is one of design’s greatest thrills.  Fortunately, we are blessed to have access to a rich variety of vendors and shops from which to source our goods.  We let serendipity play a part in our work, so it’s usually one or two really special discoveries that drives our designs.  This part of the process is not about “shopping”; it’s about having an informed concept, an open mind and a great eye.  Our goal at Huntley & Co. is always to curate an interior that is both timeless and forward-thinking — to evoke an emotional response that inspires and nourishes the spirit of the client.  

design development decor dc design house

white box lp

img_6792white box lp

white box lp

Pulling Together the Scheme_________________

Besides hunting for furnishings during this phase, we pour through our office library for fabrics and finishes.  We strive to use materials that enhance a home’s architecture and complement the lifestyle of our clients.  A thoughtfully selected mix of light and dark, textural and refined, beautiful and odd are what make a room interesting and livable.  

designer fabrics and room scheme huntley & co. interior design   fabrics and finishes huntley & co. interior design

 white box lp


white box lp

Next week we’ll bring you Part III of our Show-house/Faux-client series where we’ll dive into the technical aspects (drawings!) of the project.  Subscribe to our newsletter or find us on Bloglovin’ to stay tuned.




Those who won in Rio can be found post-games posing with their hard-earned medals (gold, silver and/or bronze) at news conferences, talk shows and celebrity events.  Olympic hardware is pretty delicious — and not just because the athletes like to take a playful chomp during photo-ops — the heft and quality of the medals is obvious.  That’s why hardware is one of my favorite elements in design.  Well-crafted hardware not only looks good, if feels good.  Handling a door knob or drawer pull that’s cast and detailed to perfection is like nothing else.  Install beautiful, substantial hardware throughout a residence and the home will have guaranteed gravitas and soul.

nicky kehoe, la design shops, tricia huntley, cabinet hardware, west hollywood, weho



Door hardware is often one of the first impressions a home can make; it’s an introduction to the story inside … and an opportunity to have a little fun!

   door hardware, fancy interior details, brass hardware, whimsical design   ornate hardware, antiques, european hardware, historical details   door knocker, fish motif, antique brass, brass hardware, georgetown antique shops, huntley & co. interior design

(left) vintage brass door hardware with starburst escutcheons via Pinterest  (center) beautifully handcrafted and complex via Tumblr and (right) vintage fish knocker at Comer & Co.



A lot of care goes into the design of millwork, so we want to honor the craftsmanship with the right choice of hardware.  Whether it’s nickel or bronze, knob or pull, ornate or simple — all depends on the vernacular of the residence.

huntley & co. interior design, dc designer, delray beach interiors, custom cabinetry, white oak    huntley & co. interior design, dc designer, florida interiors, custom cabinetry, white oak

(above) We settled on this hardware collection for a Florida master suite because it has a rustic and organic elegance, a perfect fit for the casual but sophisticated beach-side residence.

huntley & co. interior design, florida interiors, custom millwork    huntley & co. interior design, dc designer, maryland interiors, custom cabinetry

huntley & co. interior design, dc designer, bethesda interiors, custom cabinetry    huntley & co. interior design, dc designer, virginia interiors, custom bathroom vanity

(clockwise from top left) The following hardware styles – contemporary in Delray Beach, traditional in Darnestown, Colonial in Virginia and transitional in Bethesda – installed in Huntley & Co. projects.



Sometimes the success of a furniture piece depends on the hardware.  This handcrafted gold pull wholly represents our credo of modern glamour and was just the magic this custom H&Co. console required.

huntley & co. interior design, architectural digest, dc interior designer, bethesda interiors, custom furniture

Gold Branche pull by Objet Insolite glows against the grey shagreen finish of the console.



Hardware is always essential, but in some cases, it is actually at the heart of the design – as it was in the case of this custom H&Co. trunk.  The antique brass English plate handle was integral to the design process and chosen specifically for our Irish client.  From inspiration, to drawings, to fabrication — no detail was left behind!

IMG_2738 - Copy   MBR Trunk Hardware2 - Copy   IMG_0444

(above) the selection process

(below) detailed drawings for our fabricator,  (bottom right) the finished upholstered trunk with plate handles, nailheads, pop-up lid and concealed drop-down door

huntley & co. interior design, dc interior designer, custom furniture, cad drawing, sketching   huntley & co. interior design, dc interior designer, georgetown interiors, custom furniture



These are the kind of photos I download from my trips.  Forget tourist traps and lounging on the beach.  No, my idea of heaven is snapping shots of door hardware and cabinet knobs.  Can you say #designaddict?

 huntley & co. interior design, dc interior designer, AD design show, cabinet hardware   huntley & co. interior design, dc interior designer, ochre, cabinet hardware, D&D building, horn   The Marlton Hotel, tricia huntley, travel, nyc hotels, dc interior designer

(left) incredible Van Cronenburg at the AD Design Show,  (center) selecting horn pulls at Ochre,  (right) egg knobs and chicken wire at the Marlton Hotel

huntley & co. interior design, dc interior designer, arizona home & design stores, door hardware, antiques   tricia huntley, salamander farm, virginia day trips, door hardware   tricia huntley, huntley & co. interior design, interior architecture, brass hardware

(left) a collection of heavyweight pulls in Arizona,  (center) Salamander Farm’s entry door hardware,  (right) a brass flag mount perhaps?


I could easily post a hundred more photos of hardware.  Instead, go to Luxe & Lucid’s “interior architecture+details” page on Pinterest.  This much great hardware will make you a #designaddict too! 





I was in LA recently.  It’s the perfect getaway and has everything my heart desires — a warm climate, a cool vibe, a lush and luxurious urban landscape and all the shopping a girl could want.  It’s not called the “city of angels” for nothin’ people.  For designers, the LA scene offers gorgeous settings, lovely laidback staff and some of the best furnishings in the US.  Key streets are Highland, Beverly Blvd, La Cienega, Melrose Ave and Melrose Place.  Head to Blackman Cruz, JF Chen, The Window, Harbinger, Hollyhock, Nicky Kehoe, Kelly Wearstler, Galerie Half, Garde, Lief … to name just a few.  The east coast is unseasonably cold and Legends of La Cienega is on the horizon, so book your ticket for tinseltown today! 





Blackman Cruz


    IMG_4481      IMG_4440




JF Chen


IMG_4514-001   IMG_4533

IMG_4819   IMG_4565   IMG_4818


Galerie Half


IMG_4771   IMG_4768   IMG_4646

IMG_4661  IMG_4664   IMG_4581


Nicky Kehoe


IMG_4859   IMG_4857

IMG_4864   IMG_4880   IMG_4878

IMG_4586   IMG_4932   IMG_4889




IMG_4916   IMG_4956   IMG_4963

IMG_4993      IMG_5004    IMG_4985



And, of course, a little R&R is in store after pounding the pavement all day.  One night I met up with a pair of stylish LA friends at Estrella on Sunset to cocktail, nosh and chat about east coast vs. west coast life, business and girlpower.  The night ended with an impromptu manager-guided tour through the speakeasy-esque lounges and private screening room.  Fabulous.  


estrella    IMG_4896



Another night was spent at Wally’s in Beverly Hills reminiscing with a beloved sorority sister.  A chic, casual yet elegant vibe with a stellar wine list, amazing menu and, of course, the occasional short-skirted, silicone-injected woman in the corner snapping selfies.  Only in LA.





There are so many gorgeous hotels in LA.  But for this trip, I wanted to stay in the heart of West Hollywood.  The London was a fantastic choice.  Nestled at the corner of Sunset and San Vicente; it’s the perfect urbanite location with beautiful décor and superb service and amenities to boot.



IMG_5067   IMG_4327

IMG_4332   IMG_4340 copy   IMG_4366

London West Hollywood




HOTELS:  Hollywood Roosevelt, Chamberlain, Huntley Hotel, Palihouse, Hotel Bel Air


  DINING:  Lucques, Fig & Olive, Joan’s on Third, Son of a Gun, Norah (a must!)


 COFFEE:  Alfred and Urrth in WH,  Nespresso in BH


 HIKES:  Runyon Canyon Loop, Topanga State Park


 GALLERIES:  Honor Fraser, Blum & Poe


  CULTURAL:  Huntington Botanical Gardens, Getty Center & Gardens, The Getty Villa


 **  LA = LOVE AFFAIR and THE BEST OF LA // FASHION offer additional itinerary ideas **