Those who won in Rio can be found post-games posing with their hard-earned medals (gold, silver and/or bronze) at news conferences, talk shows and celebrity events.  Olympic hardware is pretty delicious — and not just because the athletes like to take a playful chomp during photo-ops — the heft and quality of the medals is obvious.  That’s why hardware is one of my favorite elements in design.  Well-crafted hardware not only looks good, if feels good.  Handling a door knob or drawer pull that’s cast and detailed to perfection is like nothing else.  Install beautiful, substantial hardware throughout a residence and the home will have guaranteed gravitas and soul.

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Door hardware is often one of the first impressions a home can make; it’s an introduction to the story inside … and an opportunity to have a little fun!

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(left) vintage brass door hardware with starburst escutcheons via Pinterest  (center) beautifully handcrafted and complex via Tumblr and (right) vintage fish knocker at Comer & Co.



A lot of care goes into the design of millwork, so we want to honor the craftsmanship with the right choice of hardware.  Whether it’s nickel or bronze, knob or pull, ornate or simple — all depends on the vernacular of the residence.

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(above) We settled on this hardware collection for a Florida master suite because it has a rustic and organic elegance, a perfect fit for the casual but sophisticated beach-side residence.

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(clockwise from top left) The following hardware styles – contemporary in Delray Beach, traditional in Darnestown, Colonial in Virginia and transitional in Bethesda – installed in Huntley & Co. projects.



Sometimes the success of a furniture piece depends on the hardware.  This handcrafted gold pull wholly represents our credo of modern glamour and was just the magic this custom H&Co. console required.

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Gold Branche pull by Objet Insolite glows against the grey shagreen finish of the console.



Hardware is always essential, but in some cases, it is actually at the heart of the design – as it was in the case of this custom H&Co. trunk.  The antique brass English plate handle was integral to the design process and chosen specifically for our Irish client.  From inspiration, to drawings, to fabrication — no detail was left behind!

IMG_2738 - Copy   MBR Trunk Hardware2 - Copy   IMG_0444

(above) the selection process

(below) detailed drawings for our fabricator,  (bottom right) the finished upholstered trunk with plate handles, nailheads, pop-up lid and concealed drop-down door

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These are the kind of photos I download from my trips.  Forget tourist traps and lounging on the beach.  No, my idea of heaven is snapping shots of door hardware and cabinet knobs.  Can you say #designaddict?

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(left) incredible Van Cronenburg at the AD Design Show,  (center) selecting horn pulls at Ochre,  (right) egg knobs and chicken wire at the Marlton Hotel

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(left) a collection of heavyweight pulls in Arizona,  (center) Salamander Farm’s entry door hardware,  (right) a brass flag mount perhaps?


I could easily post a hundred more photos of hardware.  Instead, go to Luxe & Lucid’s “interior architecture+details” page on Pinterest.  This much great hardware will make you a #designaddict too! 



The Floors Beneath our Feet

Like a painter preps his canvas, a good designer attends to the bones of a room before honing in on its decorative elements.  We make strategic shifts in proportion, tone, and detail, both subtle and grandiose, when thoughtfully designing a space.  A beautiful wood floor is one such essential element that has the power to really make our rooms sing.  We’re always told to “look up” or “look forward”, as a kind of mantra to mindfulness, happiness and all things good.  Well, I say “look down” because there’s beauty and inspiration to be had at your feet! 



IMG_0204      IMG_0196 - Copy

Our design studio becomes a laboratory for deep diving, where we work elbows deep in samples to determine the best tone for the wood floors.  We consider location, use, and material adjacencies when making our recommendations.  Ultimately, we outfitted a Georgetown residence with rich, classic patterned parquet in a deep and luxurious tone.


P6230002      IMG_0755      IMG_7965

Material and tone are carefully considered for each client.

(left): We installed subtly hand hewn floor boards in soft, neutral tones to be bright but forgiving for a young family.  (center): This grand PA home called for rich tones that complimented adjacent materials and the scale of the space.  (right): We were inspired by sandy textures in this beachside retreat when we chose these soft, washed, waxy tones of warm brown.


IMG_4153      IMG_9517

(left): We gave the existing parquet flooring of a pre-war Manhattan apartment new life with a lighter stain – showing off the beautiful pattern and brightening the small space.  (right): New french oak flooring in an Alexandria townhouse has been pickled, adding much needed warmth and texture to a once incohesive collection of different vinyl flooring.


bilhuber - Copy       hillwood - Copy


Inspiration at its finest.  (left): Jeffrey Bilhuber  (right): Hillwood Estate   (bottom): Archetypal Floors