Breaking Bread, Breaking News, Breaking Ground, Breaking Bad. 

Breakthrough, Breakup, Breakdown, Breakaway. 

Tough Break, Flat Broke, Broken Hearted, Goin’ for Broke.

I thought I would have a little fun exploring all the ways we use the word “break” and its derivatives in our daily speak.  This because I took a bit of a spill and broke my arm two weeks ago.  I was mountain biking in Virginia and had a pretty nasty wreck – flying over the handlebars of a bike was never on my bucket list.  However, what I clearly lacked in skills, I made up for in fortitude.  I’m proud to say I finished the ride and made it all the way down the mountain, break and all.  I’ve hung up my helmet for now (and possibly forever) to refocus my attention on safer and surer things.  However, in honor of my epic tumble, I’ve decided to find the beauty in broken.


Sea Breeze sculpture 2, DeborahThomas   the 6th sense

Sea Breeze light sculpture, Deborah Thomas 2013   |  still from The Sixth Sense

kraut and crystals   broken bouldes new zealand

a geode split open reveals the magic inside  broken boulders in New Zealand

eva van oosten via flickr   mathias kiss mirror   Decay by Esther Watson

abandoned villa by Eva van Oosten  |  modern faceted mirror  |  glamorous rubble by Esther Watson

wall in pompeii   vangelis photography_greek wedding

Pompeiian wall crumbling in 2014  |  a Greek wedding tradition

japanese vessel

“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by

filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered

damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.” Billie Mobayed


Tricia xo


Don’t Call it a Comeback

Like LL Cool J, I didn’t go anywhere.  I’ve just been busy.  I’ve mentioned before that publishing L+L takes a lot of time and that I’m just not the type to half a– it.  So I’ve been on a hiatus from le blog and dedicating my time to all-things Huntley & Co. (as it should be).  But that doesn’t mean I’ve been chained to my desk these past few months.  Here’s a look back at some of my adventures since December.

December_Art Basel & Design Miami

IMG_0056   IMG_9859   IMG_9957

IMG_9993   IMG_9921   IMG_9988

Ridiculous art and mind boggling design amidst throngs of fabulous people from everywhere.

December_Park City

  Skiing_PC 2011Dec   Copy of IMG_0304   Wahso cropped

Skiing, shopping and New Year’s Eve at Wahso tucked into our own private booth.


IMG_0634   IMG_0352   IMG_0611

A penthouse project on the Thames, the Dean Street Townhouse hotel and a late night of theater and live music with a client.

February_DC Design House

Design house 2012_floor plan 02-01-12

I’m designing the Master Bedroom Sitting Room at the 2012 DC Design House in Spring Valley.  The space is a gem and the design is going to be so chic.  Come visit – it opens to the public April 14!

More fun things to follow.  Look for another update sooner than later.

Tricia xo

P.S. Thanks for your emails.  It’s nice to know L+L has been missed!


Summer Vacation

… mine has officially started.

I'm spending the week in my hometown of Minneapolis with family and friends.

There is no place I would rather be this time of year than the land of ten thousand lakes.

It's the perfect destination for the three essentials of a summer vacation – sun, fun and

relaxation.  I lounge at my parents', soak in the sun, catch up with the girls and breathe.

Not much to it really, but it's always nice to have a plan – if a somewhat loose one – in place.

Below are some of the activities I've scheduled for my week in the beautiful "mini apple". 





Lake Minnetonka

This vast and intricate chain of bays is a summer must for tourists and

natives alike.  You can tie up at Big Island, stop for drinks at Lord Fletcher's

or simply cruise along while enjoying 100+ miles of beautiful shoreline. 


lord fletchers - Copy


A typical summer day at Lord Fletcher's.




Chez Huntley is on the north shore of Lake Minnetonka in Crystal Bay.





Pool Time

My sun-worshipping days are long gone.  I haven't spent committed time

in the sun in nearly twenty years.  But the rents have a pool with a view

of the lake.  So really, I'm going to pass up a day of lounging poolside with

my ipod, a tall drink and a couple of fashion mags?  Puhleeez!




I picked up two delicious magazines before my flight.  Check out the August issues of

Elle and Vogue featuring Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow respectively. 

Great features and fall fashion previews!


d and g





Walker Art Center

I haven't been in years, so I plan to spend a day at this world-class museum and

adjacent sculpture garden with dinner after at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant 20*21.




Claes Oldenburg’s famous “Spoonbridge and Cherry” sculpture at the Walker.




The view from 20*21 includes Loring Park and the Basilica.





Neighborhood Driving Tour

Before I was an adult and a professional interior designer, I was a design voyeur.

As a teenager, I loved driving through Minneapolis and its western suburbs soaking

in the architecture and atmosphere of the neighborhoods.  I haven't done that in years

and am looking forward to visiting some of my favorites haunts like Edina, Kenwood

and Linwood Hills.  I see a blog post developing out of this.


kenwood 2


Classics in Kenwood (above) and adjacent to Lake Harriet (below).


4427 Harriet Lake





Lake Calhoun & Lake Harriet

During my high school years many a day, night and weekend were spent at these two

lakes.  Smaller in size and in the heart of Minneapolis, they're great for all kinds of activities:

running, biking, canoeing, windsurfing.  Plus, the Lake Harriet Bandshell features concerts

all summer long, so you can bring a date or the whole family for a picnic under the stars.


windsurfer calhoun


Windsurfers on Lake Calhoun.



Moored sailboats and the bandshell at Lake Harriet.




Weisman Art Museum

Designed by Frank Gehry and erected in 1993, this iconic steel structure on

the University of Minnesota campus is a precursor to the famous Guggenheim in

Bilbao, Spain.  The only Gehry-designed museum in the United States, it is

currently undergoing a major expansion scheduled for completion in 2011.





Girls' Night

My Midwest "besties" and I don't get quality time together but once a year.

So when we do, we make it count.  There's nothing better than hanging out,

sipping cocktails and laughing our a—s off for hours on end.


Five of “the nine” at our 20th reunion last summer at the Minneapolis W Hotel.



Hoping you all get the chance to get away, recharge and reconnect with the ones you love!

Tricia xo

District Design


New York, LA, Paris – Sure, everyone knows these cities are the “it” destinations for design

and fashion.  But there are fabulous finds in any city if you’re a chic and savvy girl (or guy) who knows

how and where to look.  “DISTRICT DESIGN” is a recurring feature from Luxe & Lucid that highlights

 great shopping in the US and beyond sourced by my most stylish friends and colleagues in-the-know. 







District Design vol. 2 






On the heels of its World Cup win over The Netherlands this past weekend, who better to

feature in District Design than Spain?  You couldn't help falling in love with this country upon

viewing the spirit and excitement of its players and fans throughout the finals.  Sarah, my oldest

friend from childhood – we started our education together in preschool – has had a lifelong love affair 

with Europa Latina.  She has lived there since college and married a Spaniard.  She is probably more 

Spanish than American at this point, but as someone who was raised in the U.S., she never loses her 

enthusiasm for her adopted home.  In Luxe & Lucid's second installment of District Design, Sarah 

will share her favorite sources for fashion and home as a stylish ex-pat in the know.  Viva España!










Two great, high-end resources for the home are ArteEspaña and Becara.

Both have retail locations in Madrid and Barcelona.


 artespana & becara


Table from ArteEspana and accessories from Becara. 






Gold leaf mirrors for our dining room and a gold-flecked frame that instantly jazzed up a lackluster print.


 hotel pulitzer artwork 

Artwork at Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona c/o La Dolce Vita.







Yes!  The best buy for your money is at Sandra Marquez.  It’s a Portuguese chain and

Portuguese textiles are lovely.  You can find quality linens – for bath, bed, tabletop – at

great prices.  Her sheets have lovely detailing like scalloped edges and hand-embroidery. 

They’re soft, don’t need much ironing and last.  What more can you ask for?! 









I like gold accessories and my living room has quite a few little gold accents.



 gold access II




estafania_carrero_Spanish AD Nov09


Interior by Estefanía Carrero featured in Spanish AD Nov ’09.

Check out this mag.  Every issue blows my mind!






That would have to be Zara.  They are completely in touch with the pulse of current fashion

and churn out new looks every two weeks, so their store is new every time you walk in.  Zara is 

known for taking hot looks off the street/runway and getting them into stores in record time.  They

mix up their styles and feature limited edition dresses and outfits that are really gorgeous.  You can

find your standard work uniform or weekend outfits in a snap.  Everything is well-priced, and while it’s

only good for a season or two, it’s great to get up-to-date pieces without breaking the bank.  Plus, it’s

one-stop shopping for women (including shoes), men and kids.  A great resource for moms on-the-go.




Styles from the Zara Lookbook.









Boutiques like Hazel for shoes and Bimba & Lola for ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. 

Perhaps best of all? Zara’s new upscale shop called Uterque.  Check it out – it’s gorgeous!






Shoes from Hazel.



bimba y lola

Spirited and coloful clothes and accessories from Bimba & Lola.


uterque bags

Handbags from Uterqüe.








Sarah and I are part of a group of longtime girlfriends in Minnesota (a.k.a. “the nine”).

Our friendships span 30+ years and we get together annually so that we stay on top of the

many changes we all go through and to keep our relationships au courant.  We pick a new

spot each year, and with our fortieth birthdays looming on the horizon (yikes!), we’ve decided

to do it up with a trip to Spain.  Sarah will, of course, provide us with many to-do’s and must-

sees for our little adventure.  But in true Tricia-style, I’ve started compiling a list of Luxe &

Lucid worthy pit-stops.  See some of my recent finds below.  And feel free to send me your

own recommendations.  I would love to hear from you!










hotel pulitzer lobby bar


– The Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona –

Designed by the incredibly talented Lázaro Rosa-Violán.








la balsa restaurante barcelona


La Balsa Restaurante 

Patrons have included Joan Miró, Salman Rushdie and François Mitterand must be good!










– Bar Marsella –

Some of my artistic heroes – Dalí, Hemingway, Gaudí and Picasso – used to frequent this

Barcelona bar.  And they serve absinthe.  A sexy, mysterious spirit I’ve been enjoying lately.







ritz madrid


The Hotel Ritz Madrid

Dining on the Terrace with views across the garden of the Prado Museum.











prado museum


Museo del Prado

Glorious garden, magnificent architecture and a stellar collection of works.




The Museu Picasso, Barcelona  

The Wait (Margot), 1901.


 Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

pintura - joan miro

Hombre con Pipa, 1925

Joan Miró


Guernica, 1937

Pablo Picasso's masterpiece



More to come as I troll blogs and poll my friends for the best resources España.

… and check out District Design vol. 1 from November 09.


Tricia xo






Purple Reign

It's over.

I'm not a guy, I'm not a jock and I haven't lived in Minnesota for twenty years.

But I do have three brothers and a father who are die-hard Vikings fans.  So despite 

the fact that I'm a fashion-loving, bauble-wearing, design-obsessed girlie-girl, I was

truly crushed by Sunday's loss.  In honor of my home team and those who love them,

Luxe & Lucid is featuring all things purple this week.  Who knew football could be so inspiring? 







rothko red orange tan and purple 1954

The power of purple brought to life by artist Mark Rothko.




emma watson teen vogue 1

Emma Watson in Teen Vogue – darling.  And check out her ride!





Saipua, a florist in Brooklyn, has the lushest, most incredible arrangements I have ever seen.




ysl fragrance

I’ve been on a bit of a fragrance kick lately.  YSL’s Parisienne has notes of blackberry, rose and sandalwood.







Kelly Wearstler’s new book HUE (I have a signed copy!) and photos of her home office.






purple eyes gucci

I loved Gucci’s 2009 spring/summer ad campaign.

Only girls this gorgeous could rock intense violet eye shadow.





I became fascinated by the work of Josef Albers as a fine arts major in college.

The German artist was a color theorist whose “Homage to the Square”

series illustrated the relationship and interaction of adjacent colors.







kimberly klosterman amethyst cufflinks

Incredible!  A pair of amethyst cufflinks from Kimberly Klosterman.






solis betancourt

Two rooms by Solis Betancourtmy mentors and professional heroes – both featured in Southern Accents.





anya hindmarch purple patent buddy clutch

 This aubergine clutch from Anya Hindmarch is insanely chic.







 Louboutin’s signature red heel gives this ladylike lilac pump a little va va voom.






aerin lauder dinrm elle decor

 Aerin Lauder’s dining room in Elle Decor showcases the sexy sophistication of purple.





plum sykes met gala

Speaking of glamorous, successful, New York women.

Plum Sykes wearing, well, plum … and violet, raspberry, etc.





lindsay lilacs

A vignette of lilacs, reds and creams in the Virginia living room of a Huntley & Co. client.








jones purple ottoman

And an ottoman upholstered in an orchid-hued moiré in another client’s Pennsylvania Avenue pad.




reese-witherspoon nina ricci

One of Reese Witherspoon’s best red carpet moments.

Her deep purple ombré Nina Ricci gown was a stunner.




colin in purple ascot

And because I'm always looking for an excuse to Google Colin Firth …

Only a man as handsome as this Oscar-contender could rock a lavender ascot and look dashing.





– Professional Huntley & Co. photos by Kevin Allen Photography