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Chez Huntley – update 11/07

There has been a lot of activity at chez Huntley since my last update.  I gave myself a Thanksgiving deadline for the public spaces, so once the calendar read October I had to get my a– in gear.  I actually like the pressure of a deadline.  It gives you clarity and forces you to be decisive.  And as I’ve mentioned before, that doesn’t come naturally when one is both the client and the designer.  There is still quite a bit of work to be done, but the next few weeks will be full of exciting developments.  For now, enjoy a sneak peek (emphasis on peek) at some of the details installed thus far.

1_knob  2_paper  3_sink

 4_paper  5_floor  6_pedestal

7_sculpture  8_chair  9_stairs

Tricia xoxo



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