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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Like LL Cool J, I didn’t go anywhere.  I’ve just been busy.  I’ve mentioned before that publishing L+L takes a lot of time and that I’m just not the type to half a– it.  So I’ve been on a hiatus from le blog and dedicating my time to all-things Huntley & Co. (as it should be).  But that doesn’t mean I’ve been chained to my desk these past few months.  Here’s a look back at some of my adventures since December.

December_Art Basel & Design Miami

IMG_0056   IMG_9859   IMG_9957

IMG_9993   IMG_9921   IMG_9988

Ridiculous art and mind boggling design amidst throngs of fabulous people from everywhere.

December_Park City

  Skiing_PC 2011Dec   Copy of IMG_0304   Wahso cropped

Skiing, shopping and New Year’s Eve at Wahso tucked into our own private booth.


IMG_0634   IMG_0352   IMG_0611

A penthouse project on the Thames, the Dean Street Townhouse hotel and a late night of theater and live music with a client.

February_DC Design House

Design house 2012_floor plan 02-01-12

I’m designing the Master Bedroom Sitting Room at the 2012 DC Design House in Spring Valley.  The space is a gem and the design is going to be so chic.  Come visit – it opens to the public April 14!

More fun things to follow.  Look for another update sooner than later.

Tricia xo

P.S. Thanks for your emails.  It’s nice to know L+L has been missed!



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