Don’t Call it a Comeback

Like LL Cool J, I didn’t go anywhere.  I’ve just been busy.  I’ve mentioned before that publishing L+L takes a lot of time and that I’m just not the type to half a– it.  So I’ve been on a hiatus from le blog and dedicating my time to all-things Huntley & Co. (as it should be).  But that doesn’t mean I’ve been chained to my desk these past few months.  Here’s a look back at some of my adventures since December.

December_Art Basel & Design Miami

IMG_0056   IMG_9859   IMG_9957

IMG_9993   IMG_9921   IMG_9988

Ridiculous art and mind boggling design amidst throngs of fabulous people from everywhere.

December_Park City

  Skiing_PC 2011Dec   Copy of IMG_0304   Wahso cropped

Skiing, shopping and New Year’s Eve at Wahso tucked into our own private booth.


IMG_0634   IMG_0352   IMG_0611

A penthouse project on the Thames, the Dean Street Townhouse hotel and a late night of theater and live music with a client.

February_DC Design House

Design house 2012_floor plan 02-01-12

I’m designing the Master Bedroom Sitting Room at the 2012 DC Design House in Spring Valley.  The space is a gem and the design is going to be so chic.  Come visit – it opens to the public April 14!

More fun things to follow.  Look for another update sooner than later.

Tricia xo

P.S. Thanks for your emails.  It’s nice to know L+L has been missed!


8 thoughts on “Don’t Call it a Comeback”

  1. Really i am impressed from this post….the person who created this post is a genious and knows how to keep the readers connected..thanks for sharing this with us.i found it informative and interesting. Looking forward for more updates.

  2. wonderful to see your pictures again on L+L and congrats on dc design house! i saw your post on linkedin and can’t wait to see your finished piece in april.

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