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Genius at Work – Darrell Dean

Washington is a strong city for design. 

Incredible architecture, international influences and award winning talent.

But to the larger audience, we're seen as conservative and predictable.

Sure we don't have the inventory of New York or the edginess of LA, but take a

closer look and you'll find innovators, risk-takers and geniuses in their fields.

One of those virtuosos is Darrell Dean of the eponymous antique store on

Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.  His finds are always fresh and striking and

completely original.  The man is brilliant.  His shop is a constant source of

product and inspiration.  If I could, I would buy the entire cache.  Where is that

generous benefactor?!  Thank God for trusting clients and interesting projects.  I

stopped in Darrell Dean this weekend and was blown away as usual.  I shot 40+

photos while browsing the two levels.  Interior designers far-and-wide, take note!  






The store front on Wisconsin Avenue at P Street.

Perfectly situated between Cherry and Café Bonaparte.










A pair of brightly upholstered mid-century swivel chairs.

These would be sick if recovered in a buttery beige kidskin.









This glass-topped, faux parchment table is a show-stopper.






How did I describe Darrell’s inventory … “striking and completely original”?

Case in point.  A nautically inspired, zoomorphic chair







I have been eyeing these crystal encrusted lamps for a looong time.











… As well as this 1970s faux tortoise, multi-faceted table.

I think I’m going to place it in the Huntley & Co. Lake Geneva project in Switzerland.











One reason I love Darrell’s pieces is that they are often graphic and sculptural.

Like this table – both the top and the base are interesting



dd table combined












These lamps are actually quite large, and with the stripes, very striking in person.











It’s hard to find a good planter these days.  This one is the right

size and glamorous without being over the top.  Tempting.











Speaking of glamour.  A pair of white leather and brass armchairs from the 50s.

And don’t they look comfortable?!










A pair of patchwork, salvaged wood obelisks.  Love!

Darrell Dean epitomized.  Dramatic and unique, but not too perfect.











One last shot before I leave and then across the street to Puro Café for lunch.

Another relaxing, fun-filled weekend while Nina is at boot camp.  Two more weeks!






* * *



1524 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20007

(202) 333-6330




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