Behind the scenes, spearheading a design firm is not all glamour and bon-bons.  The photos below illustrate how often I shift gears and how drastic those shifts are.  In a single day I may be generating spreadsheets, drawing in Autocad, conferencing with colleagues, hauling furnishings to a job site and attending an industry event in the evening.  9-5 and consistent this job is not.  But it’s always interesting and always challenging.  I exercise both my left brain and right brain on a daily basis (not to mention my biceps, quads and glutes!).  Problem-solving, schlepping, creating, collaborating … it’s all in a day’s work and a gift to those who love to hustle!


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  I am fortunate enough to have enjoyed a decade of transformation and collaboration among the best and the brightest in the nation’s capital.  Wow and wow.  I will be celebrating this milestone with photos and features looking back on the past ten years.  There is a wealth of beauty, joy, work and laughter to share.




  • bonnie huntley

    Congratulations to our amazing designer daughter. who would have known all those ‘designs’ in an 8-yr old girl’s sketchbook would lead to this wonderful career. in this regard, daughter really does know best!

  • Shelley & myron Pohlman

    TriCia, we are so proud of you and your amazing talent. Since you were a child i could see that you had a brillant future wAiting for you. CongratAtions on your tenth anniversary, can’t wait to see more Design visions! Love you, auntie and uncle.

  • BrUCe and shirley wIgans

    Happy AND EXCITED for your amazing careeR!!! We keep up WITH YOU through your parents. Have shared many wonderful GREAT times with them. May good fortune continue to followyou In the years ahead. Very proud of your success.
    SENDING OUR Congratulations, Bruce and Shirley

    • Luxe & Lucid admin


      Thank you for your thoughtful note Bruce, Shirley. I will continue to share my endeavors with you … And please keep socializing with Bonnie Lou and Big Mike. They are better people for the wonderful friends they have!

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