I recently revamped the Huntley & Co. website as well as our logo and stationary.  It was long overdue and totally satisfying.  I’m a pretty centered person, but even someone like me enjoys flexing her identity muscle every now and then.  It’s fun to remind the world (and ourselves) who we are and what we’re all about.

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  Another exciting aspect to the revamping and branding process was the stationary package.  When our new business cards and thank you notes arrived, I actually squealed.  There is nothing like custom letterpress, heavy card stock and a little gilding for good measure.

IMG_1965   IMG_1971

notecard, envelope and business cards – front & back


My I.D. isn’t just an acronym for “interior design”.  There are a million ways we can express ourselves and nothing beats a monogram.  I do have a fabulous name and initials (I’m truly thankful), so why not celebrate them!  I picked up the “T” necklace in Charleston and the “H” necklace in Minneapolis.  I love how the mismatched layering creates a modern and casual look.

IMG_2071 - Copy

I’m thinking about going on a little identity bender.  The following  purchases would be titillating additions to my psuedo-monogram arsenal.

hermes and green - Copy   TH hardware   1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Hermes belt   |   door pulls that are at once an “H” and a “T”   |   1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa gear shift – subtle yet sick!


Tricia xo


* special thanks go out to Stitch for their work on our new branding package.

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