Luxe & Lucid was on hiatus last week.  My home laptop was corrupted by a virus (good times),

so I wasn’t able to blog.  Here’s a quick post until the next in-depth Luxe & Lucid installment …


Although it breaks my heart to watch so many shelter mags shutter their production, I am happy to report

that one forward-thinking and stylish girl has come to the rescue in our time of need.  Michelle Adams has

launched LONNY, a new online design magazine.  Currently into its second issue, the “e-zine” is winning rave

reviews and already has 10,000 fans on Facebook.  I am beyond impressed with its stylish content, beautiful

photography and easy-to-use web format.  It takes A LOT  to impress me, so let me assure you that this is one chic

periodical and well worth a bookmark.  I’ve “torn out” some of my favorite pages from Lonny - volume 2 below.







The Cover

Every page is printable, email-able, blog-able.









A gorgeous spread on the Hotel Keppler.  A definite contender for my next trip to Paris.







The article on uber chic Haus Interior is a showcase for the magazine’s slick, stylish photography.








I pretty much love everything in their Gift Guide.





This is a dressing room in J. Crew’s upper east side shop.

It could have been a Huntley & Co. design!





A detail from Kate Spade on 5th Avenue.

I don’t know what I’m looking at, but I love it.

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