Mirror Mirror on the Wall

“… Who's the fairest of them all?”

Snow White’s nasty stepmother definitely didn’t get the answer she wanted when she asked this question.

Maybe instead of looking for validation from a piece of glass, she should have consulted an interior designer.

In my decorator’s bag of tricks, mirror is often my go-to solution.  It can make a space look bigger, improve

lighting and reflect the best assets of a room.  It can even make the person looking into it appear to have a

smoother, rosier complexion.  Too bad the evil Queen didn’t have my number  ; )




Bunny williams 

A living room by Bunny Williams.

Mirror has been inserted into the paneling of this room for an elegant, formal look.




Jones foyer

A Huntley & Co. client had a dark, constricted threshold in her DC apartment.  I carved out an octagonal foyer and

added mirror to the walls to make the entrance of her home more spacious and more gracious. 


Check out the “before” shot below.  

Copy of IMG_0846 

Hard to believe it's the same space.



Sweetie Pie Mirror and Walls 

The mirrored ceiling at Sweetie Pie in New York adds to the magic of its delicious decor.




Emma jane pinkerton 

Doesn’t every woman dream of housing her wardrobe behind beautiful, mirrored doors? 

Emma Jane Pilkington’s bedroom closet doors are absolute stunners. 

I imagine the fashions within are pretty spectacular too.




Kevin haley cropped 

This Kevin Haley vignette from House & Garden illustrates two of my favorite techniques

when applying mirror to walls:  (1) Antique the glass and (2) Layer the surface with art or objects.





I love to hang an antique mirror on top of a mirrored wall at a bathroom’s vanity.  It's a Huntley & Co. signature. 

Adding a special piece – like this Venetian mirror – creates ambience without sacrificing functionality.




Chanel mirrored stairway (shelterinteriordesign blog) 

The mirrored stairhall of Coco Chanel's famous Paris apartment.  Who knows better than Mme. Chanel?





Miles redd total 

And I couldn’t very well post a blog about mirrored walls without including Miles Redd’s

famous NYC bathroom.  He just went for it and mirrored the s—t out of this room. 

Glamorous, fun and over-the-top like the designer himself.





* Professional Huntley & Co. photos by Kevin Allen Photography *

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