Puppy Love


Some of you will understand this and some of you won’t.  But I am totally and completely in love with my dog.  Nina, my Norwegian Elkhound, is the love of my life.  This truth can be attributed to two things: (1) my never-ending affection and sensitivity for animals and (2) the fact that I don’t have children.  Nina is my kid … my canine kid.  I spend more time with her than any other living creature on the planet, her personality is as complex as any human’s and when she’s hurt, my heart breaks.  And since she had a medical procedure at the vet today that left her drugged, in pain and wearing one of those shameful cones, I thought it time that I dedicate a blog to her.  All other posts can wait. 

 I love you Nina!


– Nina Feeling Poorly –


My poor, doped-up baby wearing the bonnet of shame.

– Nina the Pup –


 baby nina

Sooooo cute!

– Nina at Work –



Helping select fabric samples at Huntley & Co.

– Nina at Play –



In the grass


… and in the snow.

– Nina at Rest –



At the foot of my desk snuggling with her bear and bone.


On the bed … and under it.


In her “superman” pose cooling her belly at the A/C vent.

– Nina & Her Momma –



In good times and in bad.

1 001


To the dog days of summer and all our beloved animal companions.

Tricia & Nina xoxo


  • Catherine

    Tricia – I just read this blog. I know you KNOW I totally understand your love of Nina — matched only by my love of Holly (named after another love we share – Audrey Hepburn)…thanks for your sweet story. Hope Nina is feeling better. As I recently said to my sister, “They make your worst and best days even better.: Don’t know what we would do without them… xoxo

  • danielle boudrot

    Hi Tricia,
    My eyes were tearing up while reading your post…so loving and heartfelt…I come from a two dog family…my husband and two italian greyhounds are the greatest loves in my life…wishing Nina a speedy recovery…thank you for sharing this story with us!

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