Rock Star

There are some people who rise above the ordinary and show us what real talent is.

One of those rare finds is Bobbie Medlin.  Bobbie’s eponymous shop in Georgetown is a treasure

trove of gorgeous goods from around the world.  Her one-of-a-kind necklaces blur the line between

jewelry and art bringing a sense of mystery and allure to the woman who wears them.

She is a rock star!






Jewelry as décor. 

I draped one of Bobbie’s pieces on a bust in a 2007 installation.

The turquoise beads were the perfect finishing touch.






Bobbie Medlin just relocated to the corner of M & 29th in Georgetown. 

The perfect spot for this gorgeous gallery-style shop.





A beautiful vignette at the shop's foyer.

The rose quartz necklace features a 19th c. pendant

depicting the Hindu deity Ganesha.





A west African strand of yellow resin beads is accented by

an antique shell from Mauritania and silver bauble from Turkmenistan.

The black fireplace is a great backdrop for this colorful, dramatic piece.





One of the artfully arranged display cases.





Bobbie and I discussing her work in front of a protective amulet strung from faceted rock crystal beads.

This 19th c. example from the Yomud people is especially rare because the tribe was quite small.

It's made of gold, silver and cornelian and was meant to be worn on the back between braids.  Awesome!





Ms. Medlin could teach us designers a thing or two about staging.

A 19th c. Naga headdress, silver serpentine neck chain from India and Yemen bangles.

The bracelets contain tiny pebbles that make a delicate sound when worn … magical.





A surprise in every corner.






Every piece tells a story.

Strung on Soo Chow beads is a carved pendant of a monkey on a peach.  This Chinese

symbol represents longevity and success and makes for a beautiful good luck charm.





Great minds think alike  ; )

This shaman necklace sits atop a mantle in the Huntley & Co. office.

Bobbie has a similar one for sale in her shop.










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