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I recently spent some downtime in LA.  And when I travel, I shop.  That’s just how I roll.  Shopping at home feels like a chore to me and I almost never do it (save my visits to Hu’s in Georgetown).  And it’s just so damn easy in LA.  You get in your car, you park RIGHT IN FRONT of the store, you peruse and chat with the nicest of people.  Then you walk out with a half dozen bags that you drop into your trunk.  So lovely … and um, possibly a bit too easy?



IMG_5900      IMG_5911

IMG_5908 - Copy      IMG_5910


IMG_4382      IMG_4376      j kayne

IMG_5032      Zero-Maria-Cornejo-Melrose-Place_Joanna-Walling-1      IMG_5039

Beverly Hills :: Maje, Perrin, Etro, Barbara Bui

WEHO :: Jenni Kayne, Curve, Kitson, Decades, Reurrection

Melrose Place :: Marc Jacobs, Eoldie K, Maria Cornejo, Carolina Herrera, Isabel Marant


And, of course, dozens more if your mortgage isn’t a concern ; )



** The next Luxe List will feature LA’s best of home & design.  And it is FABULOUS!


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