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OK people, here it is.  Luxe & Lucid’s holiday shopping guide for 2010.  I realize it’s the

11th hour, but don’t tell me you don’t have a little shopping left to do.  If not, I hate you. 

If so, great!  Because the list below is going to get you excited and encourage more

spending.  Your wallet may not thank me, but your friends and family will. 

Happy Holidays!









You may not be a romantic yourself, but it’s awfully fun to buy for those who are.

Look for dramatic and drop dead gorgeous items.





Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors photographed by Rebecca Plotnick.






Coro cameo earrings






Alice in Wonderland vintage-style place cards










Nautical gifts are often fairly cliché.  It’s challenging to find a unique and sophisticated

gift for a loved one who lives for the water.  You know who you are. Here are some options

that are a lot less expected and perhaps even chic enough for the land-lovers among us. blanket


Thomas Paul Octopus throw woven of baby alpaca.  See more on that below ; )




etsy_blissthink blue coral stationary


Blue coral stationary found at blissthink on Etsy.






seahorse lamps_1stdibs


Verdigris seahorse lamps based on a 1940s design.






Paperweights/ornaments available through










People are intimidated by the Type A.  But this superhuman couldn’t

be easier to buy for … just look for things that make the world a better, more

perfect place in which to live.  Yes on a superficial level, but you get the idea.



tiffany elsa peretti snuffer


Elsa Peretti candle snuffer




creamcity ribbondispenser


Ribbon dispenser box






So simple.  I wish I had invented these hangers.





HandbagOrganizerBlack_container store


Slip this handbag organizer into her purse and you just saved

her 5-10 minutes every day.  The gift of time … ahhhh.










S/he loves travel, foreign movies, red wine and French rap music.

Think original, textural, natural – all with a story to tell. 




etsy_stylelog - potterybeads necklace


A vintage pottery beads necklace found in a Tokyo flea market.





etsy_vagabond suitcase


A vintage satchel in mint condition.  A great find that would make a great gift.




etsy_forstrangewomen balm


Assorted lip balms in natural scents.




etsy_americanbookarts journal


Samuel 5×7 leather bound journal from American Book Arts.










I’m not preppy myself, but I get it.  It’s a look that’s fun, fresh, pretty and happy.

What’s not to love about a combo like that?  Bring on the florals, bright colors,

graphic prints and monograms.  I’m feeling p[r]eppier already.



etsy_blissthink card 


Chevron print personalized notecards





If she doesn’t have it already, this is a library must-have

for preps and Domino-lovers (i.e. pretty much everyone!).




Frances guest towels from Leontine Linens.


 sedafrance pagoda candle

Seda France Pagoda Candles can be found at A Mano in Georgetown.







Oh, where to start?  Pet clothes, pet portraits, animal-inspired jewelry,

tableware and linens, books, artwork, etc. etc.  As a professed and devoted

animal-lover myself, I can’t get enough of this stuffFeline, canine, cute or

costly – there is something to satisfy every creature-enthusiast’s obsession.





Vintage stacking hedgehog ashtrays.  So cute!




winter kitty perfume


Winter Kitty perfume oil.  A natural fragrance inspired by “felines,

fireplaces, and snowflakes”.  I’ve been intrigued for months and

December may be just the time to sample this unusual scent. 






Two dog beds that are so good-looking, you won’t be upset if Fido decides

that he prefers the floor.  Beds by Dransfield & Ross above, Fleabag Bed below.  






Polar Bear Exiting Deyrolle, 2005

William Curtis Rolf




etsy_rkartstudio cat sketch


An original charcoal drawing by Bob Kimball.  So lovely

it’s worthy of your beloved feline or canine companion.




osprey box - red_1st dibs


Vintage Italian brass Osprey box.  





pietro_island alpaca


Afteil is one of the beautiful female alpacas available for sale at

Island Alpaca on Martha’s Vineyard.  Such gentle, gorgeous creatures.

I would own one in a hot second if I could.  Look at that face!





This holiday season as in all seasons, remember to give to those who need it most.

Countless charities hope and wait for caring, generous individuals to make a difference in the lives

of the homeless, hungry and abused.  For every donation you make to one of the organizations

below*, Luxe & Lucid will make one in kindBlessings to you and yours this season.


Tricia xo



* World Vision, The Washington Humane Society and the IOCP Sleep Out.

Please email Luxe & Lucid for more information.




  • Tricia

    Thanks Christine … Are those hedgehog stacking ashtrays not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I should have pulled the trigger and purchased them because someone else snatched them up. My obsession with Etsy is out of control!

  • tricia

    Thanks! I do love creating gift guides. It’s so much fun handpicking gifts based on personalities and style. Now if only I could get around to it sooner!
    More to come on chez Huntley in the new year. ;)

  • Leah Moss

    great gift guide…I think i’m a bit of each, but I’m especially partial to that gorgeous necklace and the octopus throw–beautiful!
    Have wonderful wonderful Christmas in your wonderful wonderful new home!

  • alcira molina-ali

    This is a great post.
    Wists can feel so canned and dreary this time of year, but all of your ideas are so sophisticated and ingenious and lovely.
    Do come stuff my stocking ;)
    Cheers and happy new year to come. Surely you’ll make great leeway on your new place in 2011.

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