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I’ve received several requests from readers (colleagues, friends, etc.) for an

update on chez Huntley.  I wish I could say things were further along, however, I am

happy to report the purchase of a few fabulous items that I’m dying to put in place.

All were great deals, but more importantly, they all have a Tricia-esque sensibility

and suit the house beautifully.  If I survive the renovations (God willing), I may just

have one rock star pad to blog about.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!








tricia's house 


A general inspiration board for the public spaces.









2010Sep_PA 085


 My first purchase for the house.  I stumbled upon this pair of

Platner chairs at a flea market in Pennsylvania in September.









brutalist chandelier


A vintage Brutalist chandelier for the dining room (or guest room or ???). 










I actually purchased this Louis XVI-style lit de repose years ago, but

always had it in storage.  It’s finally found a home in my living room.









paul evans table 


What a find.  This Paul Evans style coffee table is sick!









brass chairs 


These chairs will be gorgeous once I reupholster them.

I’m planning to use them as conference chairs in the H&C studio.










Simple, tailored and comfortable – my criteria for all sofas – whether traditional or modern.











 I have scoured the floorcovering world for a funky, graphic, asymmetrical stair runner.

Apparently they don’t exist.  At least not in available materials and colors that will

stand up to the paws of my canine kid.  This is my best find so far.  I’ll buy five or so,

cut them to fit the stair, seam them together and bind in a contrasting tape.  Voila!









spider chandelier 


The ceilings in the new H&C studio are über low, but I still want a decorative

fixture at the entrance for impact.  This unusual “chandelier” is just the piece.











 Another hidden gem I unearthed from the POD.  This little Lucite martini

table was a gift from my former boss, Paul Sherrill, from Solis Betancourt. *











 Not exactly a critical element to the interior, but a great find nonetheless.

I visited the workshop of Katherine Hackl while in Princeton over Thanksgiving and

purchased several pieces of pottery.  This bowl is in a different vein than her typical

work and reminds me of MirόIt’s sitting on my dining room table and looks amazing.




Hopefully I’ll have more images to share over the next few months

… and won’t have lost my mind along the way.



Tricia xo












My beloved former bosses at Solis Betancourt have just published their first book, Essential Elegance.

It’s filled with their stunning work and should be on everyone’s Christmas list.  Paul and José are

doing several book signings, including one this Thursday evening 12/9 at Bulthaup in Georgetown.

Head down to Cady’s Alley to get a signed copy and to meet these two brilliant, charming men.





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