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It's a common pitfall.  You want a blue (or green or yellow or red) room and you think the answer is paint.

  But alas, a room is not built on paint alone.  A room with one color is like a song with one note – flat. 

It takes layers of colors, textures, fabrics and finishes to really make a room "sing".  The dining room

below from Bunny Williams is a beautiful example.  The star of this room is a dramatic cerulean blue, but

it's the supporting shades of green, yellow, gold and cream that make it pop.  Moreover, the designer

chose checked slipcovers, a large 18th century framed wallpaper panel and a collection of Chinese

porcelain to bring this shade of blue to life.  So take Bunny's cue and diversify your hue!



Bunny-williams-blue check dining room 

 photo courtesy of Ms. Williams' book "Point of View".


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