sconces in H&Co. Bay Ridge MBR

Installing Annapolis (ed. 1)

Huntley & Co. spends months behind the scenes working on our projects. And it isn’t until the last 6 weeks or so that photos are really worth sharing – that’s when we get to the point of actually installing things in a home: lighting and wallcovering first, then floorcoverings, then furniture. We are in the installation phase now at our Bay Ridge project in Annapolis (yes!) and are seeing items that we spec’d or purchased 9+ months ago go up on the walls, ceiling, etc. During the final push, LIGHTING makes a particularly big impact. The placement, style and finish all affect the function and feel of the home. And like jewelry on a woman, it’s these fixtures that can truly ‘light up’ a house ; )

lighting installation ::

Huntley & Co. Interior Design elevations

Some of the elevations we generated for the contractor and electrician.

The installation of surface mount fixtures in two daughters’ bedrooms – a pendant in the room at left and a pair of wall sconces in the room at right. And yes, sometimes one has to cut 5 (count em, 5!) holes to wire a single fixture.

tricia huntley at annapolis project

Determining if/where to install a pinlight in a niche.

huntleycodesign lighting package for bay ridge project

Chandeliers, sconces, pendants and lamps we are installing at Bay Ridge. The lighting package is a clean, modern|traditional mix that includes vintage, antiques and pieces from some of our favorite manufacturers including Ironware, Vaughan, Circa and UEco.

Inspecting a fixture’s finish now that it’s on site.

Vintage sconces in the upstairs hallway. The rest of the lighting will be installed by the end of the week.

Thank you to Bayview Builders for all your great work! Next up is wallcovering.

tricia huntley

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