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 I enjoyed some exceptional work days last week.  I was in Charleston visiting The Urban Electric Company.  Urban Electric is a lighting company with a distinctive vision, brilliant products and a stellar team.  I have been using their light fixtures in my designs for nearly a decade.  In recent years, I started to design custom fixtures for them to produce.  In an exciting development last year, UECo chose to select one of those designs for their permanent collection.  The “Huntley” was born as a sconce for a client’s Bethesda home and can now can be found in residential and commercial projects in the US and abroad.  As part of their BEHIND THE SCENES video series, Urban Electric invited me to Charleston to discuss the Huntley, my other custom fixtures and the method behind my design process.  UECo filmed while I toured their production facility, met with craftsmen and talked with the team about what inspires me.  I’ve shared our behind-the-scene shots of Urban Electric’s headquarters and the day’s activities in the photo album below. 




A sign that embodies Urban Electric’s stylistic heritage and the spirit of their manufacturing environment.


IMG_1264   IMG_1262  

Touring the metalworking areas with the Urban Electric team.


IMG_1276   IMG_1257   IMG_1254

Learning more about each process.  Fascinating.


      IMG_1241   IMG_1328

Lantern multiples prior to welding.  A craftsman at work.


IMG_1298   IMG_1330

Detailed finish work on the second floor.  Discussing the components of a custom piece.


IMG_1309   IMG_1305

Individual parts of The Huntley await assembly.  A finished Huntley sconce on the shelves.


IMG_1282   IMG_1290   IMG_1296 - Copy 

Pendants and lanterns from the UECo collection hang throughout.  Speaking with visionary owner Dave Dawson during the tour.



Filming the interview.


huntley_3   huntley_1   Huntley_Fenwick shoe salon

Huntley sconce installations including a Huntley & Co. foyer and a London department store.

(photos at left and right c/o The Urban Electric Co.)



Many thanks to my Urban Electric hosts for their gracious southern hospitality.

Tricia xo



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