mad for plaid

I was talking with a girlfriend recently about her upcoming wedding.  “I’m thinking about incorporating tartan,” she said.  “I know that’s probably not your thing as a designer.”  Au contraire!  I can’t get enough of checks and plaids.  Everything about them appeals to me — the geometry, the endless color combinations, the nod to Midwest traditionalism.  I have incorporated a check or plaid in nearly every Huntley & Co. project and have plenty of it in my closet as well.   The evidence of my ongoing love affair can be seen below.  You don’t have to be Scottish, traditional, Midwestern or preppy to love these patterns … fall is upon us, so embrace the opportunity to go mad for plaid!

white line

1 row

3 row

2 row

6 row

4 row

5 row

white line


* All images are (c) Huntley & Co. or (c) Tricia Huntley files except 11-16.  Links to these sources can be found on the Luxe & Lucid Pinterest board.

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