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I’m a January baby and a proud Capricorn.

I can’t say that I’m an astrology advocate, but I do get a kick out of reading my horoscope this

time of year.  Besides the fact that I often find my cosmic description to be dead-on accurate,

I love the idea of my life and character being written in the stars.  A very anti-Capricorn concept

to say the least which is why this is a once a year indulgence.  Luxe & Lucid is a platform for

celebrating what makes us unique as individuals – whatever the context.  Sign me up!




Famous Capricorns_2010

Famous Capricorns … I’m in pretty good company.




sjae alexandre ramswoodbookends_main 

This pair of ram’s head bookends from Sjae Alexandre is so good-looking, it almost makes me want to be an Aries.






A candle from Soular Therapy’s Astrological Aromatherapy collection.

Cancer’s keynotes are Jasmine and White Rose.










Pisces -Boxed in the Zodiac pattern by Wedgwood China


Astrology has even inspired a company as traditional as Wedgwood to produce a zodiac collection.

All 12 signs including Pisces shown here are available through












russian vogue dec09


Russian Vogue’s take on Aries, Capricorn and Gemini respectively.











zodiac cufflinks - Copy


Silver Zodiac Cufflinks by artist Michele Delville.












flessas design zodiac mirror



A mid-century mirrored zodiac clock from Flessas Design in New York.









sjae org_zodiacwallart 


And a large-scale wall sculpture also from Sjae Alexandre in Los Angeles.









sag ring vivre - Copy


 Asha by ADM’s gold and mother of pearl Sagittarius ring.












Kris Kristofferson would probably cringe knowing I've included him in a blog about horoscopes.    

How could I resist when he has an album titled Jesus was a Capricorn?   Mr. Kristofferson is one of

my heroes.  And it's a short list.  He is a true renaissance man with, in my opinion, the coolest resumé

of the 20th century: Rhodes Scholar, Oxford graduate, helicopter pilot, Nashville legend, movie star. 

If you don't know anything about this über-brilliant and eternally cool Everyman, it's time to find out.










A feature on Capricorn from the blog Love Smacked & Starstruck.  So accurate it’s scary!

Check out what’s in store for your sign in the months to come.









Happy birthday to all my fellow January babes! 


 tricia baby - Copy


Tricia xo


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