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A showhouse is unique in that it provides a designer with the freedom to create a space that is bound only by her innovation and talent.  With a project that lacks a scope of work and a flesh-and-blood client, we find it important to invent a narrative to guide our design concept.  At Huntley & Co. we create a “faux client” to serve as muse during the showhouse process.  We have been blessed with some pretty wonderful clients throughout the years, but our Faux Clients 2016 definitely have us crushing hard!


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Concept Development______________

Washington DC is a city filled with people of varied and interesting backgrounds.  Our Huntley & Co. “clients” are an art dealer wife with an international childhood (thanks to a father who was Ambassador to Peru) and a west coast-born husband with a Renaissance spirit.  The couple shares a love of art, music and philanthropy.  Both travel frequently to New York, California, Europe and South America.  With that in mind, our goal for these busy and passionate entrepreneurs was to create a true LIVING space that reflects their personal histories and nurtures the lifestyle of their young family.

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dc design house interior design concept development Huntley & Co.


dc design house concept development Huntley & Co.


Already inspired?  Fantastic!  Because Huntley & Co. will be sharing more insights into our showhouse process as well as a final ‘reveal’ in forthcoming Luxe & Lucid posts.  Subscribe to our feed or follow us on Bloglovin to stay tuned!


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