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We know you and our fabulous faux clients have been waiting for our big reveal.  The design process is nothing, if not, an exercise in patience.  From concept to installation, interior design requires vision, tenacity and know-how.  It’s a labor of love, but labor nonetheless.  So when the time finally comes to present our clients with their dream home, our excitement is hard to contain.  This particular dream home is ‘faux show’, but the thrill of the reveal remains the same … So without further ado!

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Huntley & Co. Interior Design rendering dc design house 2016

veronica heilbrunner and justin o'shea valentino SS2015

[ Our clients seem pleased ]

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Our Huntley & Co. clients and room may have been crafted from imagination,

but they do speak to the real methodology and design vernacular of our firm’s work. 

 Here, principal Tricia Huntley, opens up about her influences, the importance

of breaking the rules and the best song to get a party started.

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1. What are some of the things that influence you, aside from furniture and décor?

Museums, music, fashion, history, parks/nature, architecture, poetry … those things that are thoughtful, provocative, moving.  I like to start with a feeling or mood before I pivot to the tangible aspect of things.

2. What qualities of a room do you most admire?

Substantial hardware and appropriate, expertly executed millwork.  I would rather live in an empty house with those two qualities than a shoddy new-build with the best furniture.

3. Design rule you love to break?

Symmetry.  I was classically trained so I believe in building a space according to the rules of symmetry.  But I also believe that breaking that symmetry in clever, nuanced ways is what brings a room to life.

4. You know these clients will be having many a fete, what’s a good hostess gift?

I love to give sophisticated, unusual candles and fragrances.  Aedes de Venustas, Joya and Santa Maria Novella all offer intriguing scents in stunning vessels.  And of course, good booze and wine never go out of style.  Add a beautiful ribbon with a handwritten tag and you’re done.

5. Rapid Fire!


*  *  *

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It’s been fun, but we need to dash!  Our clients told us to get out so they can enjoy their new home ; )

justin y veronika vogue spain

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If you want another glimpse at the process, simply click on posts Part I, Part II and/or Part III.  And special thanks to our “faux clients” Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner.  They are the coolest couple on the planet and dream clients fo sho!

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