Sourcing goods and materials for our interior fuels our creativity, but drawings take the design to the next level.  After all, a room is only as good as it is functional — we aren’t aiming for beauty just for beauty’s sake.  Working out our ideas in AutoCAD ensures that we are on target with scale, proportion and spatial relationships.  A well-trained designer can evaluate whether a piece will work in a room or not simply by looking at it.  Still, transferring its dimensions to paper (or the computer as in our case) ensures down-to-the-1/8” accuracy.  Huntley & Co. is a business built on mindfulness and our drawings are the technical backbone of our work. 

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The Floorplan___________________________

We start with a floor plan, which guides the flow and circulation of a space.  With our clients’ penchant for entertaining, it was important to think outside the traditional box and get creative with furniture placement.  Our ‘star’ is the four sided bench that beautifully anchors the room.  Varied seating arrangements offer opportunities for independent conversations and debate for our clients’ guests who come from a wide range of cultures, professions and political views.  The room is meant to be as warm, interesting and thoughtful as the clients are.

design rendering huntley & co.


dc design house 2016 floor plan huntley & co.

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The Elevations___________________________

Elevations reveal how a room’s architecture, furnishings and art will work together.  A space won’t look or feel good if there are too many masses, it’s too ‘leggy’, everything is at the same level or the values are off-balance.  Deep-diving the millwork, fenestrations and other details gives us the platform we need to make good decisions.  Not to mention that “pulling the design up” and seeing it come to life happens to be pretty exciting ; )


dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

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The Presentation Board____________________

The presentation board is our opportunity to showcase the tactility of a room.  Ambience is affected by the ratio of soft vs. coarse, understated vs. luminous and natural vs. refined materials and textures.  We wanted this space to feel glamorous, but totally approachable with an air of intelligent wit.  With that in mind we combined fibers like linen, seagrass and rushing with velvet and damask.  Then we took it a step further by incorporating lacquered leather, eelskin and electric-colored cowhide.  This is a luxurious space where you can kick up your feet and have fun!


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The Response___________________________

And because these are the dreamiest of clients, they love everything and will TAKE IT ALLOrders are placed and construction begins.  This next phase is about site visits, management, coordination, follow-up and a lot of patience.  But we’re getting our hands dirty and seeing our workrooms do their magic — so we love it!   

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 Tune in next week for a fun Q&A and the FINAL REVEAL!  We will be sharing more insights about our process and the why’s and how’s of a successful design project. 

design installation Huntley & Co.

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