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The Edgemoor sunroom has required patience, perseverance and plenty of blood, sweat and tears (and bones, but I’ll get to that later).  After nearly a year of design and planning, construction finally began in early spring.  Starting work was both a relief and a thrill. 

With a schedule as protracted as this one, there are plenty of progress photos to share. 

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From start to finish there hasn’t been a dull moment!

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Breaking Ground

Construction crews arrived at the end of February to dig, set drainage lines and pour the slab for the sunroom.  The most dramatic transformations start with a lot of dirt!

huntley & co. breaking ground for edgemoor sunroom project

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Movin’ on Up!

Once July arrived, the building finally started to take shape.  Remember that patience we mentioned?  This phase of the project is all about oversight and troubleshooting as needed.  We made several site visits and met everyone from the tile installer to the drapery fabricator to review drawings and inspect details.  It may seem unusual to discuss softgoods in a room without drywall, but spotting architectural modifications early allows us, and our workrooms, to modify plans accordingly.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor sunroom construction progress

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Finishing Touches

As you can see in the pictures below, work continued into the Fall.  Still, we were happy to have a room with walls, trim, windows and doors — not to mention a massive, one-of-a-kind skylight overhead.  With the space enclosed, we were ready for paint and decorative finishes.  We enlisted Julia from Monkton Studios (below) to dress the room in a beautiful knockback plaster, adding warmth and subtle dimension to the envelope.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor Sunroom renovation

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Interior design is often associated with drama.  True, but we usually try to avoid it if we

can.  Unfortunately, at one of the many site visits, Lindsey fell into an open floor vent

(ahem, a hidden open floor vent that is).  Thanks to a broken fibula and fifth metatarsal,

the Edgemoor project is officially going out with a CRASH-BOOM-BANG! 

Edgemoor Huntley & Co.

(L) the offending floor vent sans cover; (C) post site visit x-ray; (R) masterful use of the Rollator Walker

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… Installation day is TODAY.

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