Huntley & Co. Edgemoor Sunroom perspective drawing


Developing a thorough drawing set is critical to the success of all Huntley & Co. projects.  It’s the technical backbone of the design, ensuring precision and accuracy.   The Edgemoor sunroom features two expansive nano walls, a seamlessly integrated reflecting pool and a dramatic skylight.   With fenestrations composing 90% of the room, it was important to consider the furniture and its arrangement carefully.  We worked through an endless stream of floorplans to maximize circulation, engage the views and allow for both conversation and lounging.  And we selected pieces that spoke to a luxurious “camp” style (think Out of Africa or Lawrence of Arabia).  An abundance of comfort promises a room that is open, yet absolutely intimate.

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The Floorplan

It always starts with the floorplan; a birds-eye view provides a wealth of knowledge.  Drawing everything (walls, windows, doors, floor vents, etc.) to the exact measurement is critical.  Because an inch can be the difference between a flawless installation and a costly mistake.  white box lp

Huntley & Co. edgemoor sunroom floorplan

As shown in the floorplan above, pulling the furniture into the center of the room creates circulation space.

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— The Study of Furniture & Lighting 

Each and every piece that goes into our projects is vetted for size and scale.  We collaborate with our vendors to verify, and sometimes adjust, dimensions down to the 1/16″ — ensuring the best possible function and fit.

Huntley & Co. edgemoor furniture drawings

Drawings above include the custom console and sofas, pedestal table and the Huntley sconce from Urban Electric Co.

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— The Perspective Drawing 

Perspectives are exciting because they allow us to “pull a design up” and study the relationship between architecture and décor.  The Edgemoor sunroom is visually complex – from the dramatic skylight to all those windows – so it was important to implement décor that would complement, not compete with the envelope.  A neutral palette, low slung furnishings and layers of softness add the right amount of quiet.

edgemoor-sunroom_rendering_Huntley & Co.Our perspective drawing illustrates how open the sunroom becomes when the nano doors are retracted.  The layered rugs and sheer drapery panels at the perimeter help create intimacy.

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 A room like this is, without a doubt, a design challenge.  Generating meticulous drawings allowed us to tackle the project in an informed, confident manner.  With that, seeing our drawings “go vertical” during the construction process is when the real fun begins.  Well, typically.  Our next post will include on-site progress photos replete with a little unexpected drama.  Stay tuned!  

xo, Huntley & Co.

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