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Like the early stages of a romance, the onset of a new design project brings lots of excitement, energy and anticipation.  Now that we’ve “gotten to know” our Faux Clients better and have defined a visual narrative for their space, we are ready to start deep-diving the design.  It’s time to measure the room, pull our materials and find our gorgeous furnishings — let’s show this showhouse what we’re made of!

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Prep Work______________________________

Preparation and foresight are the secret weapons behind a good design.  We always arrive well-prepped for site visits and measures.  Camera? Check.  Tape measure? Check.  Comfortable shoes? Definitely check. 

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Scouting for Furnishings____________________

Scouting for hidden treasure is one of design’s greatest thrills.  Fortunately, we are blessed to have access to a rich variety of vendors and shops from which to source our goods.  We let serendipity play a part in our work, so it’s usually one or two really special discoveries that drives our designs.  This part of the process is not about “shopping”; it’s about having an informed concept, an open mind and a great eye.  Our goal at Huntley & Co. is always to curate an interior that is both timeless and forward-thinking — to evoke an emotional response that inspires and nourishes the spirit of the client.  

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Pulling Together the Scheme_________________

Besides hunting for furnishings during this phase, we pour through our office library for fabrics and finishes.  We strive to use materials that enhance a home’s architecture and complement the lifestyle of our clients.  A thoughtfully selected mix of light and dark, textural and refined, beautiful and odd are what make a room interesting and livable.  

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Next week we’ll bring you Part III of our Show-house/Faux-client series where we’ll dive into the technical aspects (drawings!) of the project.  Subscribe to our newsletter or find us on Bloglovin’ to stay tuned.




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