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Summer Vacation

… mine has officially started.

I'm spending the week in my hometown of Minneapolis with family and friends.

There is no place I would rather be this time of year than the land of ten thousand lakes.

It's the perfect destination for the three essentials of a summer vacation – sun, fun and

relaxation.  I lounge at my parents', soak in the sun, catch up with the girls and breathe.

Not much to it really, but it's always nice to have a plan – if a somewhat loose one – in place.

Below are some of the activities I've scheduled for my week in the beautiful "mini apple". 





Lake Minnetonka

This vast and intricate chain of bays is a summer must for tourists and

natives alike.  You can tie up at Big Island, stop for drinks at Lord Fletcher's

or simply cruise along while enjoying 100+ miles of beautiful shoreline. 


lord fletchers - Copy


A typical summer day at Lord Fletcher's.




Chez Huntley is on the north shore of Lake Minnetonka in Crystal Bay.





Pool Time

My sun-worshipping days are long gone.  I haven't spent committed time

in the sun in nearly twenty years.  But the rents have a pool with a view

of the lake.  So really, I'm going to pass up a day of lounging poolside with

my ipod, a tall drink and a couple of fashion mags?  Puhleeez!




I picked up two delicious magazines before my flight.  Check out the August issues of

Elle and Vogue featuring Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow respectively. 

Great features and fall fashion previews!


d and g





Walker Art Center

I haven't been in years, so I plan to spend a day at this world-class museum and

adjacent sculpture garden with dinner after at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant 20*21.




Claes Oldenburg’s famous “Spoonbridge and Cherry” sculpture at the Walker.




The view from 20*21 includes Loring Park and the Basilica.





Neighborhood Driving Tour

Before I was an adult and a professional interior designer, I was a design voyeur.

As a teenager, I loved driving through Minneapolis and its western suburbs soaking

in the architecture and atmosphere of the neighborhoods.  I haven't done that in years

and am looking forward to visiting some of my favorites haunts like Edina, Kenwood

and Linwood Hills.  I see a blog post developing out of this.


kenwood 2


Classics in Kenwood (above) and adjacent to Lake Harriet (below).


4427 Harriet Lake





Lake Calhoun & Lake Harriet

During my high school years many a day, night and weekend were spent at these two

lakes.  Smaller in size and in the heart of Minneapolis, they're great for all kinds of activities:

running, biking, canoeing, windsurfing.  Plus, the Lake Harriet Bandshell features concerts

all summer long, so you can bring a date or the whole family for a picnic under the stars.


windsurfer calhoun


Windsurfers on Lake Calhoun.



Moored sailboats and the bandshell at Lake Harriet.




Weisman Art Museum

Designed by Frank Gehry and erected in 1993, this iconic steel structure on

the University of Minnesota campus is a precursor to the famous Guggenheim in

Bilbao, Spain.  The only Gehry-designed museum in the United States, it is

currently undergoing a major expansion scheduled for completion in 2011.





Girls' Night

My Midwest "besties" and I don't get quality time together but once a year.

So when we do, we make it count.  There's nothing better than hanging out,

sipping cocktails and laughing our a—s off for hours on end.


Five of “the nine” at our 20th reunion last summer at the Minneapolis W Hotel.



Hoping you all get the chance to get away, recharge and reconnect with the ones you love!

Tricia xo

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