25 Signs You May Be Working Too Much


Greetings from Switzerland!

Huntley & Co. is in Montreux this week installing a residence on Lake Geneva.  Yes, I’m a lucky girl.  But as is often the case, leaving town for a week requires a lot of overtime at the office prior to departure.  You have to get your ducks in a row (see item 4 below) for your employees, your other clients and your personal life.  And there is never enough time.  Rather than looking for sympathy, you might as well find a little humor in the situation.  I started generating the list below on Friday thinking it would be ten items long.  By Monday, I was up to twenty-five and completely delirious from a lack of sleep.  It was all worth it though.  All is going well here in Montreux and I know everything is running smoothly back home in DC as well.  Now if I could just get some sleep!

 white box lp

1.    Your to-do list is 4 pages long, has a table of contents and an addendum.

2.    You don’t know what day (or month, or year) it is.

3.    You can feel your eyeballs scraping the inside of your eyelids.

4.    You use phrases like “ducks in a row” ad nauseum.

5.    You are aware of DC’s disturbingly high nocturnal rat population.

6.    Coffee has replaced one of the four main food groups.

7.    At least 3 times a day you walk across a room and can’t remember why once you get there.

8.    Your keyboard has developed a strange film on it.

9.    You looked better when you had the flu last winter.

10.   Your dog has abandonment issues.

11.   Your laundry pile resembles Mount Everest.

12.   Eating dinner at midnight seems reasonable.

13.   Bathroom breaks are a nuisance.

14.   Your communication skills have regressed to the first grade level.

15.   Your significant other thinks there may be someone else.

16.   Walking out of the house and leaving something behind incites tears.

17.   The beautiful weather pisses you off.

18.   Friends are mad at you because your emails of late have been “curt”.

19.   You catch a little shut-eye by closing your eyes as you walk.

20.   “Twitchy” is an understatement.

21.   You would sell your soul for a few extra hours.

22.   A sisal floor is surprisingly comfortable for napping.

23.   You realize you have no business operating a motor vehicle.

24.   You miss the good ol’ days of the recession.

25.   You create entertaining lists like this so you can cope.



IMG_0118 TH sleep

See you back in the states!

Tricia xo



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  • Katy Tanghe

    Tricia – this made me laugh (sympathetically, of course) and it’s true, “he who laughs….lasts.” The project looks amazing – congratulations!

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