H&C a la Montreux


As mentioned in last week’s post, I have been in Switzerland installing a project.

And as many of you know, I’ve been working a lot lately.  So even though no one

likes to spend their weekends at the office or pulling all-nighters, the magic of being an

interior designer is that you get to enjoy the tangible results of all your hardship … 


Beyond the fact that I love every single thing we installed – the wallcoverings,  

the furniture, the lighting, the textiles, the accessories the views and the town

of Montreux itself are extraordinary.  The work was dirty and exhausting, but with

distractions like Lake Geneva out your window, who cares!

white box lp

The apartment – day one.  Umm, excuse me???

LN_2010sep 395   LN_2010sep 377

LN_2010sep 379

Yikes!  Needless to say, this is not what we were expecting.  So much for a move-in

ready apartment.  This not-so-insignificant mess is a big detail for management to omit

from our conversations pre-departure.  OK … take a deep breath and work the problem. 

Because there is a truck full of furniture outside and it needs to be installed – somehow.

white box lp

 The silver lining?  The view!!!

 LN_2010sep 533


white box lp

So instead of installing right away … We run errands, meet with management and vendors, clean and walk the property.

LN_2010sep 544   LN_2010sep 542

IMG_0182   LN_2010sep 540

A trying and exhausting day, but it’s hard to complain in an environment like this.

white box lp

At day’s end, we all need a nice dinner and a good night’s sleep.


restaurant 45 eve

Huntley & Co. stayed at the Suisse Majestic, so four of us had dinner in the hotel’s

restaurant – Restaurant 45 – and had a lovely time before crashing for the night.

white box lp

Moving onwards and upwards on day two with deliveries.

LN_2010sep 452    LN_2010sep 456

LN_2010sep 439

Furnishings are in and floors are clean (for now).

Is there anything more satisfying than progress?!

white box lp

 In days three and four, wallpaper goes up and we unpack all the accessories.

LN_2010sep 458   LN_2010sep 461

LN_2010sep 494

It may be a mess, but it’s my favorite kind of mess … Christmas in September!

 white box lp

We often ran errands during the day because there was always something else we

or our installers needed.  This day we stopped for lunch at the Hotel Eden du Lac.


LN_2010sep 484

Yep, just another day in Montreux.



After another couple of days of cleaning and styling, we have a finished apartment.  Almost.

IMG_0088     IMG_0107



IMG_0128  IMG_0132

Copy of LN_2010sep 445

LN_2010sep 602



LN_2010sep 609

There were a few things (besides the original mess) that didn’t go as planned.  The artwork

for the foyer was damaged in transit, one of the beds was missing from the delivery and the

Swiss team hired by the property didn’t finish all of their work.  One of the workers literally

laughed in our faces when we told him to go buy the part he needed and to come back.  So it

looks like I’ll have to go back to Switzerland in October to wrap up the final details. 

 Bummer ; )




LN_2010sep 424

P.S. A huge thank you to our Swiss logistical team Kuehne + Nagel!

white box lp


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