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I love art.  I considered curatorial studies for a time while in college.  During my first exhibit installation, however, I broke two large glass plates protecting a famous photographer’s work.  I concluded pretty quickly that “this is probably not for me”.   Still, my love affair continued well into my interior design degree and career.  There is almost no genre or medium that I don’t appreciate in some way.  A 1982 kinetic sculpture and an oil portrait from the 19th century can both stir my senses.  It follows then that artwork sometimes informs my designs.   


Essie, Ruby and Ferdinand – Children of Asher Wertheimer, 1902

 john singer sargent tate museum

It’s hard to not love Sargent.  His oil paintings are lush, moody and undeniably beautiful.  I chose this work as a jumping off point for a media principal’s office for its sophistication and intimacy.


The idea here is art as muse.  I pulled what spoke to me – the colors, tones, textures and emotions.  My design is an interpretation of the painting, not a copy of it.

 anteroom design by Huntley & Co.

Our client’s office is entered by way of an anteroom.  The space is a waiting area for visitors and serves as a buffer between her office and the staff workplace.  The finish selections and air of elegance are derived from the Sergent painting.  But as this is a modern woman’s office and a Huntley & Co. interior, we changed tack by mixing genres and funking up certain elements.

Tricia Huntley drawings for Luxe & Lucid

– plan & anteroom elevations –

office by Huntley & Co.

Office interior by Huntley & Co. Interior Design


Huntley & Co. elevations forLuxe & Lucid

– office elevations –

Our client is a businesswoman and loving mother.  She is worldly, feminine and capable – someone who is both interesting and interested.  Her combination of sophistication, warmth and strength is part of what has made her a success in her field.  With that in mind, we imbued her workspace with a similar sensibility and furnished it with antiques, modern European pieces and an impressive art collection.  We think Mrs. Asher Wertheimer would have approved.


tricia huntley

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