Chez Huntley – update 11/13

I am happy to write that the public spaces of chez Huntley are more or less complete.  Hallelujah!  And while I would love to give my readers a comprehensive 360 degree tour … it aint’ gonna happen.  Apparently divulging too much about a project on one’s blog limits its exposure elsewhere, so I’ve learned.  When did design get so complicated?!  So alas another sneak peek will have to suffice.  Hopefully the pix are enough of a fix – enjoy!   


— Chez Huntley Interior Details —


Tricia Huntley DC residence_Living Room chaise    Tricia Huntley DC residence_door knocker    Tricia Huntley DC residence_Living Room hearth

  Tricia Huntley DC residence_Living Room lucite chair    Tricia Huntley DC residence_Den    Tricia Huntley DC residence_Den sofa pillows

Tricia Huntley DC residence_Powder Room detail    Tricia Huntley DC residence_Stairhall detail    Tricia Huntley DC residence_Den vignette

Tricia Huntley DC residence_antlers at entrance    Tricia Huntley DC residence_Den vignette    Tricia Huntley DC residence_Dining Room wallpaper and lighting

My home reflects my own personal vibe.  I love drama and a bit of sparkle, but I need natural elements to ground the glitz.  For me, a humble sense of glamour is what makes a home (and life) truly elegant.

 white box lp

Tricia xo





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