Girl Power

I’ve had too many conversations recently with female friends and colleagues wherein I sensed a lack of self-worth from the smart, beautiful, successful woman across the table (phoneline, email).  I am sure anyone who sees these women on the street would think, “Wow, she’s got it made”.  So what exactly is going on?  There seems to be a confidence crisis among our gender these days — it boggles my mind and breaks my heart.  I am dedicating this post to the women and girls out there who are struggling, sad, lost or just not feeling good enough.  Girlfriends, you are fabulous!



1.   Love.  It’s not whether you have it, lost it, want it, whatever.  It doesn’t need attachment to exist.  Your capacity for it is worth honoring.

2.   Grace.  Countless women I know have endured tragedies, disease, heartbreak and more, yet continue to face (and embrace) the world with an open heart.

3.   Beauty.  You don’t have to be a supermodel to be in awe of your own self.  All women have features they can show off and celebrate – a great smile, elegant hands, lustrous hair, strong legs, an ample bosom, beautiful skin or a sexy voice.  The female form is pretty incredible.  Celebrate your assets and forget the rest.

4.   Capacity for pain.  We are statistically smaller and weaker than men, yet we bear the brunt of cramps, fatigue and straight-out misery one week of every month for approximately 4o years of our lives.  Do the math.  That’s living with pain for nearly 3500 days.

5.   Strength.  Despite the inconvenience of #4, we climb mountains, pull all-nighters, run businesses, raise children and keep on going’.

6.  The ability to create.  Um, just a reminder — That pregnant woman over there? She is growing a freakin’ human inside of her.

7.   Honesty.  The women I admire are those who are more than happy to tell you that they locked their keys in the car, tripped on the sidewalk or owe their smooth skin to Botox.  Perfection is so overrated.  I love a woman who can laugh at her flaws and share the wealth with her friends.

8.   Independence.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Many of those pulled-together, do-it-all women you know probably break down in tears every now and then when no one is looking.  Plenty of women are self-sufficient.  That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

9.   Empowerment.  Women want their loved ones to be happy.  We want them to be successful, to live full lives, to feel rewarded.  So when we see our friends, colleagues or family members struggle, we try to help … “Behind every great (fill in the blank) there is a great woman.”

10.   Joy.  If there is one thing at which women excel, it’s delighting in things.  We have been know to squeal over a fabulous pair of shoes, a delicious dessert and pretty much any and every cute animal that crosses our paths. This is a girl thing and the essence of what makes a woman magical.

Girls, stop being so hard on yourselves.  As you approach the Thanksgiving holiday, start by being thankful for all the unique qualities that make you the remarkable, powerful, one-of-a-kind woman you are!



#girlpower!  xo Tricia


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