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Bespoke, turn-key interiors are a signature of Huntley & Co.  First, the architectural envelope and materials are perfected.  Next, we turn our process to furnishings and softgoods that complement the space and the client and are unique to the project.  Lots of love and labor goes into the design, drawing and specification of these goods.


          // Living Room channel-back chairs

                We custom designed a pair of channel back lounge chairs to maximize flow, circulation and style.  Visits to the workroom gave us the opportunity to make adjustments to the design, layout fabric and to monitor progress.

workroom process

L to R:  Leg finish selections; our chair frame gets mocked up in muslin; laying out the large scale fabric.

          // Living Room armoire

               We source a lot of antique and vintage furnishings for our projects.  Sometimes, however, these pieces need modifications to “fit”.  This armoire was the perfect scale for the open concept living area and provided much needed storage, but modification to the finish and interior were necessary.  New hardware and shirred curtains turned this beauty into functional storage.

huntley & co furnishings process

L to R: Removing the old finish; specifying all the new details; installation in progress.

  // Master Bedroom canopy bed

                Each project has its share of logistical challenges – and we love a good challenge because it inspires us to get extra creative.  Our process never leaves things to guesswork.  When we discovered that the bed, as originally designed, could not be brought up the stairs or through the windows, we had to go back to the drawing board (literally) to custom design a version that would fit.

custom furnishings process

L to R: Verifying stairwell and doorway dimensions; studio drawing of the custom pieces and parts; Ironware‘s workshop with assembly pre-shipment.


  // Master Bedroom roman shades & softgoods

                Tailored, functional, bespoke.  We designed the window treatments and pillows to complement the quietly sophisticated scheme in the master bedroom.  Troubleshooting tricky corners and sourcing one-of-a-kind details makes all the difference.

huntley & co softgoods

Top: Detailed site measures and schematic review; finished product!  Bottom: A pillow workorder; a treasure chest of trim; a well-styled bed.

Stay tuned — Next week we’ll bring this project full circle and share our install with you!  And in case you missed the other West End posts, check them out here and here.

xo, Huntley & Co.

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