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We’re embarking on a new year (a new decade actually!) and you’re ready to make some changes

to chez vous.  Where to start?  Everyone, even professional interior designers, need a jumping off point,

a focus, a raison d’être.  It’s called inspiration.  And without it, you’ll spend the next six months going around

and around in circles trying to figure out “what’s my style???  So take a little time during this holiday break,

grab a stack of magazines (remember those?) and start tearing.  Don’t think about it, just rip out what you like.

Fashion layouts, jewelry ads, interiors, food features … whatever speaks to you.  When you’re done, pull aside

the two or three that say “THIS IS ME!” and file the rest away.  Yes, steal some beauty and allons-y!





d&g 2009

payard macaroons nyc


Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall ‘09 campaign and a beautiful Payard feature from Town & Country Travel magazine.

Confectionary images to inspire the interiors of the girly-girls out there.


ann coyle

A room by designer Anne Coyle.



If you could live inside the Fall Gucci campaign or the latest Gorsuch catalog then you

respond to texture, layering and luxury and should book a trip to St. Moritz immediately.

tom scheere showhouse

Tom Scheerer’s Kip’s Bay Showhouse bedroom.





saucy traditionalist


Maybe you’re a traditionalist with a saucy side.  Like these ladies captured by Kate Spade and Slim Aarons. 

Think vivid colors, floral prints and vintage accents with a little leather thrown in.


Miles Redd Domino


A Miles Redd bedroom from Domino.











Are you drawn to sleek, sexy, fashionable images?

Then let David Bowie and Marni’s 2008 collection be your inspiration.

kara mann showhosue

A Chicago installation by Kara Mann.






Let the dark side of life be your muse.  Like these images from 1992's Dracula and the blog Tedore.

The current vampire craze could inform a dark, dramatic space.

anthony gianacakos

Anthony Gianacakos’ East Harlem bedroom from Lonny magazine.

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  • r4

    Some callipers are loose and it is difficult to measure deluxe intervals, this is just right. Love the hard case so it does not get destroyed with all the other stuff in my pockets.

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