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Scenes from a Vacation – Part II (finally!)


As mentioned in my last post, I added an extra day to my northern California vacation so I could spend some time in San Francisco before heading back east. I hadn’t been to the bay area in years and had honestly forgotten what all the fuss was about. But I figured why not make a pit stop in an old stomping ground and segue a bit more gently back into life in DC. I was more than taken with the heavenly weather (68 degrees in August) and the lively urban atmosphere – crowded cafes, locals out walking their dogs and great shopping – in Pacific Heights where we spent the day. And although the word “hip” could be used to describe the area’s watering holes, shops and fashions, it didn’t smack of trends like some cities. San Francisco is like the popular kid in high school: confident and cool without even trying. And a vibe like that may as well be crack to someone like me. I couldn’t get enough. Shopping I did – and successful I was. 

 Thanks San Fran for sharing your mojo with me!





CIELO   A store full of gorgeous, high-end European brands.

I picked up an Ann Demeulemeester blazer with chic, refined detailing …

blazer combo

… a scrumptious orchid-colored puffy jacket with cropped sleeves and sweet yet almost "goth" kitten-princess necklace.

IMG_8098  IMG_8095





NEST   The perfect name for a boutique with a homespun yet vagabond flair.


nest montage

New and vintage toys (check out the gorilla!), artwork, jewelry, furnishings and accessories.

I purchased this silkscreened tiger tote, printed cotton robe and wood handle purse … and love them all.

IMG_7930  robe  image





HEIDI SAYS SHOE SALON   The sole-ful sister store of the Heidi Says fashion trifecta.


IMG_7759  IMG_7760

 I found these flattering and totally versatile nude, patent leather wedges from Vera Wang Lavender.





ELIZABETH CHARLES   A uniquely curated collection of fashions and accessories.


IMG_7763 IMG_7769 IMG_7766

This boutique was uh-MA-zing!  I fell in love with everything.





JONATHAN ADLER   Ebullient, over-the-top fun from this eponymous shop’s designer.


IMG_7739 IMG_7745






CROSSROADS    Vintage and consignment clothing, shoes, etc.



My [sporty, crunchy, anti-fashion] friend Lori nearly died of heart failure when I walked out of the dressing room in this get-up.  Yes I bought a pair of gold lamé, parachute pants and a cropped grey hoodie. I think they’re fabulous, comfortable and totally hot.  





JURLIQUE   Skincare, bath and body products.



My masseuse in Sonoma recommended that I pick up a bottle of essential eucalyptus oil and add it to my morning shower to help relieve my nagging cough.





OTD   Out-The-Door Vietnamese restaurant.



We recharged at Out-The-Door with noodles, dumplings and wine.  Yummm!





SWIG   Last stop … cocktails of course!




 With a sexy vibe, live music and bar stocked to the hilt - this club was the perfect finish to a perfect day!



Tricia xosf




  • Barbara@HausDesign

    What a fun set of SF highlights…what I miss most about living in SF were all of the cool restaurants and bars that were always opening, so I am envious! Nest was one of my favorite haunts, too…glad you enjoyed it!

  • Tricia

    Hmmm … why in the world would I think that? Shall we discuss your thoughts on handbags? ; ) Note that I was careful to use the word “anti-fashionable” not “unfashionable”. One thing is for sure, you are my shopping good luck charm! T xoxo

  • Lori

    Two things — I CANNOT fathom how you could dare label me “unfashionable”! I am fashionable, in my own way :) This leads me to item #2 — How could you leave my shopping spree from Athleta out of here? You did actually set foot in there and I think mumbled something about “seeing the appeal” before you sprinted out for a coffee and shopping at Cielo! Hope you are enjoying all your shopping goodies!

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