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Tricia’s 10: Skincare


Lately I have been giving a lot of skincare advice to friends.  Most of it has been

by request – which I take as a huge compliment – but I do admit to the occasional

unsolicited tip as well.  I really just want to be of service.  I’ve spent a lifetime (and I do

mean from my grammar school days) reading articles about skincare, testing products

and seeking my own advice from professionals.  I’m by no means a guru and I certainly

don’t understand the science behind most of the products on the market, but I do know

what works*.  It’s taken a long time for me to find the right skincare regimen and heaven

knows that the trial and errors along the way have been expensive at times.  So why not

 share my knowledge and save all my girls the effort.  Enjoy … and take care of that skin!










1.  Cleanser


lemon oil cleansing balm


Lemon Oil Cleansing Balm – Fresh

 Cleans but doesn’t strip and leaves skin wonderfully soft.

This is the product for anyone with combination skin.






2.  Serum


1 211


C E Ferulic Serum – SkinCeuticals

Skincare professionals always recommend that you exfoliate.  The acids

in this serum do so in a gentle way while providing antioxidants.  I alternate

throughout the year between this formula and the Hydrating B-5 Gel.








3.  Eye Cream


1 210


The Eye Balm Intense – LaMer

 If you have to splurge on one item, this is it.  The skin around my eyes

takes a beating because I wear concealer everyday (dark circles are a

true curse!).  This cream is a lifesaver and subtracts years from my face.







4.  Skin Cream 


1 206



Flawless Repair Day Crème with SPF 15 – Laura Mercier

A newer product and recent discovery.  It’s pricey, so I can’t always

 fork over the dough for this moisturizer.  But when I do, I see an

 immediate difference and receive compliments galore a la “Your

skin absolutely glows.”  What could be better than that?!








5.  Facial Scrub 


1 214 


Sweep – Remède

 This super fine exfoliant won’t scratch delicate skin.









  6.  Mask




Kanitc Mask – Alchimie Forever

 Besides softening skin, this mask also calms redness with luscious

blueberry.  It smells good enough to eat!  If you live in DC, schedule a

facial appointment at the Alchimie Forever spa.  My beautiful friend Ada

is the brains behind this brand, so it’s worth the wait for an appointment.








7.  Blemish Treatment 


 1 213


Baume Purifiant – Darphin

 This balm (a consistency that’s not for everyone) is effective

in that it gets to the root of the problem vs. drying out the surface.








8.  Sunscreen – chest & hands 


1 212



Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sun Protection SPF 55 – Neutrogena

 It’s easy to forget the skin on my chest and hands.  Plus I don’t

like to apply heavy cream on these areas.  This sunscreen is

strong but lightweight enough that I don’t even know I’m wearing it.








9.  Sunscreen – body




Daily Mosturizing Lotion with SPF 15 – Aveeno

I’m a big fan of Aveeno; I use a lot of their products.  This one

is a no-brainer.  I just slather it on after toweling off at the end of

every shower and I’m protected and moisturized for the day.








10.  Hand Cream


 1 205


Hand Relief – Aveda

 The skin on my hands is significantly drier than any other part of my

body.  I give it extra care with a rich hand cream morning and night. 

 I like this formula because it’s not greasy and has a nice light scent. 

Plus, it’s a Minnesota brand  ; )











Tricia xo 











* Caveat:  I’m not a skincare professional!

All recommendations are based on personal use and my own specific skin type.  Always

take your personal skin and medical history into consideration when selecting products.





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