November is filled with anticipation as the holidays quickly approach and designers clamour to wrap up design projects.  At Huntley & Co., we have labored long and hard for one Bethesda client in particular and are eager to put the finishing touches on their remarkable sunroom renovation.  Our goal was to create a sculptural, textural space that elegantly captures the spirit of indoor/outdoor living.  We will be featuring work product and site photos for this sunroom-cum-lounge in the next several posts.  And we’ll reveal the installation around Thanksgiving, so just a little more patience!  To give you an idea of the inspiration behind our design, we’ve shared the Edgemoor Sunroom concept board below.  Wrap yourself up in the luxe imagery and escape.

Huntley & Co. edgemoor sunroom design concept

white box lpxo, Huntley & Co.

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white box lp


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