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Scale Up / Scale Down

Symmetry, balance and proportion are key tenets of how I develop an interior; I was trained in classical architecture.  Yet, when I get to the decorating portion of the design process, I throw Palladio’s rules out the window – especially scale.  Playing with scale (blowing things up, sizing them down) is a way for me to change the vibe in a space, and therefore, how its experienced.  

Go Big

There are times when you just need to go big or go home. An oversized mirror can completely change a room. And a chandelier or pendant that outsizes a dining table is pure drama. Scaling up disrupts the status quo – it wakes us up and brings a room alive.

Thom Filicia foyer

Featured image: Shinola Hotel by Gachot Studios; Middle 4 clockwise: Bjorn Wallender, Moooi, Steven Gambrel, Huntley & Co.; Bottom: Thom Filicia

Stay Small

Sometimes making a statement means staying small. A diminutive artwork on a large wall will draw you to it. A low sofa beside tall windows will create elegant volume. A tiny light fixture over a table creates intimacy. Design isn’t always about knocking someone’s socks off. At times, it’s about creating a serene environment or eliciting an emotion.

Raji RM
Laura Santos home

Top: Raji RM; Middle 4 clockwise: Workstead, Billy Cotton, Huntley & Co., Rose Uniacke (?); Bottom: Laura Santos

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