Haven’t we all been waiting for summer for much much too long?  Thankfully, it is FINALLY here.  It doesn’t get much better than long days and warm nights.  All the good things that come with this season can influence summer style.  Whether it’s the colors and textures of nature, the laidback vibe of the beach (lake, cabin, etc.) or the excitement of family get-together’s and lively parties.  Whatever it is for you, dial-up your decor this year and have some fun with it — summer looks best when its chic and joyful.

* * *

striped roman shade by Huntley & Co.Guest bedroom light fixture at chez HuntleyHuntley & Co. Bay Ridge project

Window treatment detail by Huntley & Co. on Kent IslandTricia Huntley reflected in a Georgetown shop mirrorart by Fenella Elms

(top) Stripes are a summer classic; Am anemone-inspired light fixture; A pair of outdoor wingchairs look out on the bay at our Annapolis project.

(bottom) Drapery hardware are like mini boat cleats; TH discovers an oyster shell mirror; Fenella Elms‘ porcelain clay artworks have wavelike movement.


Tricia Huntley's R&Y Augousti shagreen boxSunroom designed by Huntley & Co.Pillows in a Manhattan bedroom by Huntley & Co. Interior Design

a rope tieback Huntley & Co. found for a Florida projectDining area in a Huntley & Co. 3-season porchDelray Beach master bath lighting by Huntley & Co.

(top) Chic and timeless shagreen; A shell-embedded tabletop and Janus et Cie armchair sit near a Bethesda pool; We like crisp blue-and-white as an accent, especially on antique china and fabric (like Fortuny!).

(bottom) A nautically reminiscent tieback; An Arlington screened porch is the perfect spot for summer mornings; A clamshell-esque bowl pendant uplights a master bath.


Huntley & Co. Delray Beach projectHuntley & Co. installed blush colored drapes with Kelly Wearstler trimA custom Huntley & Co. banquette in a woven yellow trellis outdoor fabric

Iatesta Tole Flora sconce in a showhouse by Tricia HuntleyA custom TV cabinet designed by Tricia HuntleyWaterworks mosaic floor in a Florida foyer

(top) Modern lounging on a Delray Beach veranda; A wavy trim detail on drapes; Juicy yellow and chartreuse are as summery as lemonade

(bottom) Iatesta’s tole flora sconce looks like palm fronds; White oak and linen are perfect materials for a beach house; A custom Waterworks floor with inset wave and dot motif .


Happy summering from @huntleycodesign!

tricia huntley


This reveal has been a long time coming.  Not because it was only just installed, but because Luxe & Lucid was tied up in a parallel universe after we moved the Huntley & Co. website to another platform.  The technical side of small business is the gift that keeps on giving.  So we thank you for your patience, and without further ado, we reveal our West End project installation!

* * *

Making it Move-In Ready


Obviously before our clients can move in, we have to install carpet, light fixtures, wallcovering and window treatments.  Then, with our backdrop complete, our team is ready to bring in the furniture and accessories.

workroom installs

(top L to R)  Living room chandelier install; Master bedroom carpeting in progress; Wallpaper in the third floor den; Installation of master bedroom roman shades.

furniture delivery

(bottom L to R)  The crew unloading the truck; Opening artwork; Vintage Italian barcart.

huntley & co install

(L to R)  Setting the stage with flowers and accessories; Paper template for a tricky mirror install; Preparing a vintage music montage for the dining room.

Welcome Home! 


Alas, our vision for a classic interior full of cosmopolitan flair has come to life.  This is, hands down, our favorite part of the process! 

west end dining room

huntley & co interiors

west end details

(top to bottom)  A custom dining table paired with vintage chairs; Mixed materials in the entryway; A bespoke vanity in a teeny tiny powder room; Unexpected lighting in the kitchen; Dining room details; A chic Italian sofa with lyrical curves anchors the living room.

master bathroom retreat

west end restful rooms

(top to bottom)  Master bath wrapped in handmade tiles and featuring vintage lighting; An engaging mix of pattern and texture in the third floor den; Bespoke linens in the master bedroom – how luxe!

And That’s a Wrap


A big thank you to our wonderful West End collaborators.  We hate to say goodbye, but we’re off to design more beautiful spaces …

huntley & co pup

Tricia gives the resident pup, Barney, a tour of his new home.

To see the gorgeous professional photos of the West End project, visit the Huntley & Co. portfolio.  Or take it one step further and help us win a Luxe RED award by voting for this project!  Voting closes January 25.

xo huntleycodesign


The Edgemoor sunroom has required patience, perseverance and plenty of blood, sweat and tears (and bones, but I’ll get to that later).  After nearly a year of design and planning, construction finally began in early spring.  Starting work was both a relief and a thrill. 

With a schedule as protracted as this one, there are plenty of progress photos to share. 

white box lp

From start to finish there hasn’t been a dull moment!

white box lp


white box lp

Breaking Ground

Construction crews arrived at the end of February to dig, set drainage lines and pour the slab for the sunroom.  The most dramatic transformations start with a lot of dirt!

huntley & co. breaking ground for edgemoor sunroom project

white box lp

Movin’ on Up!

Once July arrived, the building finally started to take shape.  Remember that patience we mentioned?  This phase of the project is all about oversight and troubleshooting as needed.  We made several site visits and met everyone from the tile installer to the drapery fabricator to review drawings and inspect details.  It may seem unusual to discuss softgoods in a room without drywall, but spotting architectural modifications early allows us, and our workrooms, to modify plans accordingly.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor sunroom construction progress

white box lp

Finishing Touches

As you can see in the pictures below, work continued into the Fall.  Still, we were happy to have a room with walls, trim, windows and doors — not to mention a massive, one-of-a-kind skylight overhead.  With the space enclosed, we were ready for paint and decorative finishes.  We enlisted Julia from Monkton Studios (below) to dress the room in a beautiful knockback plaster, adding warmth and subtle dimension to the envelope.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor Sunroom renovation

white box lp

Interior design is often associated with drama.  True, but we usually try to avoid it if we

can.  Unfortunately, at one of the many site visits, Lindsey fell into an open floor vent

(ahem, a hidden open floor vent that is).  Thanks to a broken fibula and fifth metatarsal,

the Edgemoor project is officially going out with a CRASH-BOOM-BANG! 

Edgemoor Huntley & Co.

(L) the offending floor vent sans cover; (C) post site visit x-ray; (R) masterful use of the Rollator Walker

white box lp

… Installation day is TODAY.

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show-house // faux-client :: the reveal!

We know you and our fabulous faux clients have been waiting for our big reveal.  The design process is nothing, if not, an exercise in patience.  From concept to installation, interior design requires vision, tenacity and know-how.  It’s a labor of love, but labor nonetheless.  So when the time finally comes to present our clients with their dream home, our excitement is hard to contain.  This particular dream home is ‘faux show’, but the thrill of the reveal remains the same … So without further ado!

white box lp


Huntley & Co. Interior Design rendering dc design house 2016

veronica heilbrunner and justin o'shea valentino SS2015

[ Our clients seem pleased ]

white box lp

*  *  *

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Our Huntley & Co. clients and room may have been crafted from imagination,

but they do speak to the real methodology and design vernacular of our firm’s work. 

 Here, principal Tricia Huntley, opens up about her influences, the importance

of breaking the rules and the best song to get a party started.

white box lp

1. What are some of the things that influence you, aside from furniture and décor?

Museums, music, fashion, history, parks/nature, architecture, poetry … those things that are thoughtful, provocative, moving.  I like to start with a feeling or mood before I pivot to the tangible aspect of things.

2. What qualities of a room do you most admire?

Substantial hardware and appropriate, expertly executed millwork.  I would rather live in an empty house with those two qualities than a shoddy new-build with the best furniture.

3. Design rule you love to break?

Symmetry.  I was classically trained so I believe in building a space according to the rules of symmetry.  But I also believe that breaking that symmetry in clever, nuanced ways is what brings a room to life.

4. You know these clients will be having many a fete, what’s a good hostess gift?

I love to give sophisticated, unusual candles and fragrances.  Aedes de Venustas, Joya and Santa Maria Novella all offer intriguing scents in stunning vessels.  And of course, good booze and wine never go out of style.  Add a beautiful ribbon with a handwritten tag and you’re done.

5. Rapid Fire!


*  *  *

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It’s been fun, but we need to dash!  Our clients told us to get out so they can enjoy their new home ; )

justin y veronika vogue spain

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If you want another glimpse at the process, simply click on posts Part I, Part II and/or Part III.  And special thanks to our “faux clients” Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner.  They are the coolest couple on the planet and dream clients fo sho!


Sourcing goods and materials for our interior fuels our creativity, but drawings take the design to the next level.  After all, a room is only as good as it is functional — we aren’t aiming for beauty just for beauty’s sake.  Working out our ideas in AutoCAD ensures that we are on target with scale, proportion and spatial relationships.  A well-trained designer can evaluate whether a piece will work in a room or not simply by looking at it.  Still, transferring its dimensions to paper (or the computer as in our case) ensures down-to-the-1/8” accuracy.  Huntley & Co. is a business built on mindfulness and our drawings are the technical backbone of our work. 

white box lp

design quote steve jobs



The Floorplan___________________________

We start with a floor plan, which guides the flow and circulation of a space.  With our clients’ penchant for entertaining, it was important to think outside the traditional box and get creative with furniture placement.  Our ‘star’ is the four sided bench that beautifully anchors the room.  Varied seating arrangements offer opportunities for independent conversations and debate for our clients’ guests who come from a wide range of cultures, professions and political views.  The room is meant to be as warm, interesting and thoughtful as the clients are.

design rendering huntley & co.


dc design house 2016 floor plan huntley & co.

white box lp

The Elevations___________________________

Elevations reveal how a room’s architecture, furnishings and art will work together.  A space won’t look or feel good if there are too many masses, it’s too ‘leggy’, everything is at the same level or the values are off-balance.  Deep-diving the millwork, fenestrations and other details gives us the platform we need to make good decisions.  Not to mention that “pulling the design up” and seeing it come to life happens to be pretty exciting ; )


dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

dc design house 2016 drawing huntley & co.

white box lp

The Presentation Board____________________

The presentation board is our opportunity to showcase the tactility of a room.  Ambience is affected by the ratio of soft vs. coarse, understated vs. luminous and natural vs. refined materials and textures.  We wanted this space to feel glamorous, but totally approachable with an air of intelligent wit.  With that in mind we combined fibers like linen, seagrass and rushing with velvet and damask.  Then we took it a step further by incorporating lacquered leather, eelskin and electric-colored cowhide.  This is a luxurious space where you can kick up your feet and have fun!


white box lp

The Response___________________________

And because these are the dreamiest of clients, they love everything and will TAKE IT ALLOrders are placed and construction begins.  This next phase is about site visits, management, coordination, follow-up and a lot of patience.  But we’re getting our hands dirty and seeing our workrooms do their magic — so we love it!   

happy design client

white box lp


 Tune in next week for a fun Q&A and the FINAL REVEAL!  We will be sharing more insights about our process and the why’s and how’s of a successful design project. 

design installation Huntley & Co.

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 I spent the day at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York on Friday.  It’s always good to see what’s new, talk with vendors and “kick the tires” so to speak.  Seeing the finish/scale/construction of products in person is integral to quality control and intelligent design.  And, of course, it’s fun.  I’ve shared ten best picks — whether it be a specific piece or an entire collection — and why each was worth a closer look.


#1  Van Cronenburg

I am passionate about hardware and this company is stellar.  Substance and exquisite detail in every piece.


van cronenburg (1)    van cronenburg (3) edit    van cronenburg (2)


#2  A Space Wall Sconce

All of the products from A Space – lighting, furniture, vases – are beautiful, but the Falling Star lamp was a show-stopper.  It will undoubtedly make a lot of “it lists”.




#3  Archetypal

In a perfect world, Archetypal’s work would be on the floors of every home in America.  A designer can dream.


paragraphIMG_5250    IMG_5249 edit


#4  Jennifer Schinzing

Jennifer’s love for the natural world inspired her to learn taxidermy.  She preserves small animals (many of them road kill casualties) and transforms them into art installations.  The thoughtfulness and beauty of each “memorial” was remarkable.  Take note world, SHE IS ONE TO WATCH.


jennifer (2)




#5  Visilek

This cabinet was perfection.  The veneers, the joints, the mechanics, the proportions were all flawless.  Filipe Rodrigues’ work is masterful.


paragraph    IMG_5331    IMG_5334


 #6  Brizio Faucet

The Brizio Solna faucet.  It’s black, it’s functional, it’s sexy … and it’s plumbing.  Gotta’ love it.




#7  Jefferson Hayman Photography

I never jumped on the gallery-style art installation bandwagon in design.  Perhaps because often times it’s just a bunch of crap thrown up on the wall (yes, I just wrote that).  But Jefferson Hayman’s installation at the AD Design Show was simply lovely.  The collection was intimate, multi-faceted and beautifully framed.  Purchasing the entire installation crossed my mind … and I think that of the gentleman in the photo (yes, I was eaves-dropping).


paragraphjeffersonhayman (1)


#8  Coral & Tusk

I’m a sucker for animal motifs, so naturally I was drawn to Coral & Tusk’s display.  But what’s lovely about these goods is that the patterns are cute without being saccharine.  The imagery is grounded by the quality and authenticity of the textiles.  Moreover, Stephanie Housley was delightful; her enthusiasm and love for her work was evident.




  #9   Joya’s F vs. S Candles

These candles may seem simple, but something about them caught my eye.  They whispered [vs. shouted] sexy and luxurious — my personal sweet spot without a doubt.  I inquired about an order at the show and pretty much want to purchase the whole collection of fragrances upon seeing the website.





#10   C&B at Dining by Design

Believe it or not, I am including Crate & Barrell in this list.  Their dining room for DIFFA included a brilliant wall “art” installation.  How many plates were broken to create this I don’t know.  But what fun and how tongue-in-cheek.  Kudos C&B.




*All photos are my own save the two that are hyperlinked.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful images with our readers.


Paradox is my passion — contrasting modern with traditional, sexy with conventional and subtle with provocative. Introducing incongruity and tension give a room interest and energy. As we designers say, it’s what makes a room “sing”. In the simplest of terms, I like a little rock-n-roll with my ladylike. It’s integral to my designs, my fashion sense and my attitude. 


 Merrick Road    THhouse    City Center

bubble chandelier + oushak  | classical-themed wallpaper + midcentury architecure  |  columnar lamp atop leather-wrapped dresser + modern high-rise apartment

IMG_9310    IMG_3806

graphic polka dot tank + pink animal-motif shorts + snakeskin heels  |  distressed jeans + damask pattern jacket + large belt buckle

Tricia_Alexandria-115-Pano-Edit    DSC_4662

camelback sofa + vintage lamps + saarinen table  |  bust of hermes + robin rose painting + lamb’s tongue railing

IMG_5892    IMG_3802    R30A2425.tif

modern asymmetrical mirror + velvet flocked wallpaper  |  surrealist watercolor + toile wallcovering  |  antique iron bed + globe pendant

KAP_TriciaHuntley_Delray-11    IMG_5808

oak paneled wall + silk velvet headboard + circular shag rug  |  multiple contemporary genres + yellow-painted vintage valet chair

IMG_0252    IMG_7834

chunky woven sweater + gold lame harem pants  |  grey heathered tee + quilted derek lam skirt

IMG_5819    Chez Huntley    IMG_2764 - Copy

pitched beadboard ceiling + gold dome pendant  |  midcentury mobile + antique leather hall chair  |  builder-grade powder room + contemporary wallpaper + bronze repousse mirror

… in other words, “luxe and lucid”



The Truth About Romance

Romance for me is all about atmosphere.  It’s not necessarily defined by luxury and indulgence (although that works too).  It’s more about a warmth that is at once alluring and thoughtful.  And it can be found anywhere … Listening to a sexy mix on Pandora; alone on a cold night next to a roaring fire; at a breathtaking art exhibit; overlooking a misty river; in a tiny shop tucked away in a gritty part of London; or, of course, cozied up with your loved one in a hotel suite for the weekend.  The misconception about romance is that it’s exclusive to those with a black Amex or a wedding band.  It may smack a bit of  “personal growth”, but romance is everywhere.  We just have to recognize it when it’s in front of us.


IMG_8488  IMG_3451  az  KAP_9648[1]  IMG_4637  IMG_0220  IMG_0317   R30A6931   IMG_6257  IMG_6182  Paola Kudacki & husband James Penfold - So Haute  peonies   pendant  fire45  park  IMG_0268


Happy Valentine’s Day from Luxe & Lucid, XO





* All photos c/o T. Huntley save row 3, image 3.  Thank you Paola Kudacki & husband James Penfold for being the sexiest, most inspiring couple on the planet.




Behind the scenes, spearheading a design firm is not all glamour and bon-bons.  The photos below illustrate how often I shift gears and how drastic those shifts are.  In a single day I may be generating spreadsheets, drawing in Autocad, conferencing with colleagues, hauling furnishings to a job site and attending an industry event in the evening.  9-5 and consistent this job is not.  But it’s always interesting and always challenging.  I exercise both my left brain and right brain on a daily basis (not to mention my biceps, quads and glutes!).  Problem-solving, schlepping, creating, collaborating … it’s all in a day’s work and a gift to those who love to hustle!


IMG_1276  PA080030  Montrose Site Visit 10.8.13 004  IMG1_9505Hicks+Huntley_2015Oct - Copy  IMG_9677  IMG_2693  in windowIMG_3467_2  LN THopu  IMG_2771  P5210020sIMG_4123  award  TH & TM  IMG_3818PB240018  2014Mar_45th photoshoot (122)  IMG_3110  photo 36P9210075 - Copy  TH at donghia  Tricia speaks for J Lambeth  IMG_5830

  I am fortunate enough to have enjoyed a decade of transformation and collaboration among the best and the brightest in the nation’s capital.  Wow and wow.  I will be celebrating this milestone with photos and features looking back on the past ten years.  There is a wealth of beauty, joy, work and laughter to share.



Thanksgiving and the beauty of home


 Like so many, I love Thanksgiving.  So many wonderful things come together — decorating, family, food! — on one glorious, indulgent day.  I’ve designed quite a few dining rooms for clients throughout the years and it’s always exciting to see these spaces come to life on Thanksgiving.  Décor isn’t the reason for the season, but sharing beauty and joy with loved ones is.


Eclectic, tailored and dramatic is just the right vibe in a dining room.


 KAP_9868[1] - Copy2 cropped    R30A6591.2



For me, design is about expression.  The dining spaces below are in Maryland, DC, New York and Arizona respectively.  Each is a signature of a particular home, lifestyle and client.


DR_crop    DSC_3757_lighter

 IMG_7323    breakfast room


Details are a key part of the magic when entertaining for the holidays and year-round.


Picture3DSCN315309 breakfast room detailDR_detail1


Sometimes simplicity is all the drama a space needs.  Traditional in Virginia and modern in Florida.


R30A2568    Delray-05_c


The dining room below is one of my favorites.  The sophisticated color scheme creates a room that sings.


 IMG_01 (17)



 Happy Thanksgiving from Huntley & Co.

And a special thanks to our clients who make these images possible and our work lives so rich.


kitty blurry